Czdome Grinding Wheel mainly produces resin cutting discs. Recently, in order to welcome the National Day, the technical department has developed a new product – 405 precision cutting discs. The conventional size is 405*3.5*32mm. The line speed is around 80m/s. Today, the editor of Damon Grinding Wheel will introduce you to this new product.
Our 405 cutting disc has 3 main advantages. Advantage 1: Strong impact resistance, hard and wear-resistant. Advantage 2: Double-layer reinforced mesh cloth, high-speed cutting without bursting. Advantage 3: The cutting surface does not turn black and does not burn the workdisc.
The scope of application of 405 precision cutting disc is not as wide as that of cutting discs. It is mainly used in cast iron workdiscs, steel pipes, angle iron cutting discs, and materials that cannot be cut by ordinary cutting discs. The operating tool is a large cutting machine above 5KW. The application scenarios are mainly steel pipe factories, steel cutting factories, stainless steel processing factories, construction sites, steel factories, machinery factories.
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