A manual cutter is a common type of machine that uses a cutting disc for cutting operations. It is widely used in mobile and field operations such as municipal construction projects, fire rescue and disaster relief, public security demolition, road and bridge construction, house demolition, garden operations, and electric power repairs. The manual cutter has 6 major usability features as described below.
1. By replacing different types of cutting disc. Can cut cement, asphalt, metal, wood, plastic, etc.
2. Ceramic-plated cylinders protect the engine from working normally under high temperature conditions.
3. The design of the large throttle trigger area is convenient for the operator to wear work gloves.
4. It can work with water, improve the construction environment and protect the health of construction workers.
5. The whole machine has obtained CE certification, digital ignition method, the mixing ratio of high-quality gasoline and oil is not less than 40:1, low emission and low fuel consumption.
6. Precise cold casting cutting shaft. Convenient and firm boot system. Enclosed clutches and bearings. Infiltrated ceramic piston rings to reduce friction.

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