Analysis of the reasons and solutions of the rupture of the cutting disc during cutting. We all know that we often find the rupture of the cutting disc during the production and processing of the cutting disc. What is the cause? How to solve this situation?

1.Rupture during idling of the installed machine:

the cutting disc should be idling for one minute when it is loaded into the cutting table for use. There are two main factors for rupture during this process. One is that the cutting disc is a low-quality product and does not reach the linear speed of the cutting table. In addition, the aperture of the cutting disc and the axis of the cutting table are not equipped, and there is greater stress during assembly.

2.The cutting disc is broken during use:

we often see that the cutting wheel is normal when it is used. The grinding wheel breaks when the cutting is usually 1/3. The analysis may be due to the following reasons. Poor flatness of the cutting wheel, uneven structure of the cutting wheel, high hardness of the cutting wheel. And lack of toughness in the resin of the cutting wheel.
How to choose efficient and safe wear-resistant cutting wheel products! The following introduces you several factors that should be given priority in the selection process!
1.Without stuffing, it can play a good grinding and cutting efficiency. Moderate flexibility is suitable for grinding and cutting operations of arc work.
2.While working, the burrs on the working surface are removed to make the working surface smooth.
3.With air cooling, it can significantly avoid the phenomenon of heat and scorching of the working surface.
4.Safe, sharp, wear-resistant, non-heating, non-scorching, energy-saving, labor-saving, time-saving, high-efficiency and economical and practical.
5.To meet the customer’s requirements for non-standard customization, various non-standard customizations can be made according to the customer’s drawings or samples.
Due to various reasons in the manufacturing and installation of the cutting blade. The center of gravity of the cutting blade and its rotation center are often not bound together. Which will cause the grinding wheel to vibrate during high-speed rotation. Which will affect the processing. The machine tool is damaged, so after the cutting blade is installed on the flange.
The cutting blade must be statically balanced. After the cutting wheel is installed on the flange, the flange is placed on the mandrel. Then placed on the guide rail of the balance frame. If it is not balanced. The heavier part of the cutting piece will always turn to the bottom. Move the balance block position in the ring tip of the flange end face to balance the center of the cutting piece.
Repeat until the cutting piece is on the guide rail. The position can stand still, and the cutting piece reaches static equilibrium. When installing a new cutting disc, the cutting disc should be statically balanced twice. After the first static balance, install the grinder to trim the shape of the cutting piece with a diamond pen. Then remove the cutting piece for another static balance before installation.