Aluminum Oxide, as one of the raw materials for grinding wheel , has its own advantages. Aluminum Oxide is one kind of natural environmentally friendly abrasive raw materials. Due to the performance advantages of the mineral itself-high hardness, good toughness, high specific gravity. and no harmful substances, it has become the most preferred material for the majority of abrasive disc manufacturers.

High grinding efficiency

Aluminum Oxide has high hardness, strong grinding ability , and sharp edges and corners. Under certain pressure, it can quickly hit the surface of the object with sharp edges and corners. and can quickly and effectively grind the surface of the object. So it is regarded as one of the sharp raw materials.

Low loss

The unique particle size of Aluminum Oxide ensures that more effective particles hit the surface of the object (such as 30-60 grit sand. 11 million particles per kilogram can hit the surface of the object, while conventional slag such as 20 grit can only produce 1 million particles Impact on the surface of the object). so that the use of garnet sand can greatly reduce the loss of abrasives-usually can save 1/3 of conventional abrasives.

Environmental protection and cheap

Unlike conventional materials, Aluminum Oxide is a pure natural non-toxic mineral, which does not contain free silicon harmful substances that cause silicosis. and does not contain toxic heavy metals or radioactive pollutants. And on the market, compared to the silicon carbide and white corundum are much cheaper at the same period last year. They are also one of the first choices as the main raw materials for grinding wheel and grinding wheel.


Aluminum Oxide is very suitable for many industrial area. Under normal circumstances, it can be reused 5-10 times. If it does not lose its cutting ability after 10 times, the number of recycle can be much more. However, it should be noted that the site needs to be kept clean during use, so that it can be able to be recycled again. After there is no cutting ability, aluminum oxide can be recycled and used in the construction industry as a cement additive.
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