Both the cutting disc and the saw disc are a tool for cutting materials, and there is an essential difference between the two. Today, I will explain these two cutting slices to you, so that you can understand more clearly.
The cutting disc is attached to the grinding wheel. Sheets made of abrasives and binder resins for ordinary steel, stainless steel and non-metallic materials. Glass fiber and resin are used as reinforcing bonding materials. Has high tensile, impact and flexural strength. Excellent materials and exquisite craftsmanship ensure high cutting efficiency and best economic results for workpieces of different materials.
Saw disc is a general term for thin circular knives used to cut solid materials. Saw discs can be divided into: diamond saw discs for stone cutting. High-speed steel saw discs for cutting metal materials (without inlaid carbide tips). Carbide saw discs for cutting solid wood, furniture, wood-based panels, aluminum profiles, plastics, plastic steel, etc.
The above is the explanation of cutting disc and saw disc. They all have different uses, and more information is updated on this site.

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