The grinding disc is to plant fine abrasive grains (alumina or silicon carbide) on a high-strength polyester film with the help of high-voltage electrostatic field force, so that all the sand grains are pointed outwards and the cutting is sharp, which can provide higher grinding efficiency and Bright and meticulous polishing effect, and then through the backing, cutting and processing.
The abrasive particles of the polishing pad are arranged in a directional arrangement, and the surface of the product is sharp, ensuring the best grinding performance of the abrasive belt; the surface of the product is evenly distributed, combined with a special binder, to prevent deep and irregular lines, and at the same time, it has good chip removal ability. Not easy to block.
Disc sand is also a kind of polishing sheet. Disc sand is a round shape made of sandpaper. Polishing sheet can be divided into two types: quilt and double-sided tape. It is used to polish hardware parts, plastics, and auto parts. It can be used faster than ordinary sandpaper. The grain number is divided into 60# 80# 100# 120# 150# 180# 220# 240# 320# 400#

Application areas:

Grinding and polishing of mobile phone accessories; grinding and polishing of mobile phone casings; grinding and polishing of tablet computer casings; grinding and polishing of digital camera casings; grinding and polishing of home appliance casings;
Polishing and repairing of automobile body paint; sandpaper in the middle coating workshop of automobiles; grinding and polishing of automobile connecting rods;
Crankshaft grinding; paint grinding; camshaft grinding; mirror roller grinding; ceramic roller grinding; body grinding; rubber roller grinding; crankshaft grinding; metal roller grinding; micro-motor grinding; corrugated roller grinding; furniture polishing;
Stainless steel grinding; tungsten carbide grinding; aluminum alloy grinding; glass grinding; metal roller grinding; metal roller polishing; silicon carbide corrugated roller grinding and polishing; thermal spray roller grinding and polishing; rubber roller grinding and polishing.

Future trends:

What kind of grinding disc will become the best in the industry?

The hardness of grinding discs will increase in the future, and there will be more and more new metal products, so the hardness requirements of grinding disc products are also increasing. The hardness of cutting discs determines everything about the product. Now the high hardness brought by super-hard abrasives The precision and high-efficiency grinding effect has been widely recognized.
The improvement of the physical structure of abrasive tools
, such as increasing the number of abrasive particles acting on the workpiece per unit time, increasing the average length of grinding, and increasing the grinding contact surface, all of which change the amount of grinding per unit time and effectively improve Efficiency: Only the polishing pads that really improve product efficiency can truly grasp the future market.

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