In industry, quality is life, and time is benefit. From a small part to a large machine, this intermediate stage requires more manpower, material and financial resources to accumulate. As large as our country’s aircraft carrier, large aircraft, as small as a bicycle, each factory needs the perfect cooperation. Every tool has an irreplaceable position in the entire industrial system.
Cutting is an indispensable part of many links. Meanwhile, for cutting, there are two types of cutting tools for use. One is a resin cutting sheet, and the other is a metal cutting sheet. Among them, it is also necessary to match the material of the base material to be cut.
For example, the cutting and grinding of various metal parts in mechanical foundries has high production requirements. For the material of the metal parts to be cut and polished, metal cutting discs are often selected, which is conducive to the quality and efficiency of the parts. Because metal cutting discs are durable and sharp due to their special craftsmanship. It is super hard, sharp in cutting, long in use, non-slip in continuous cutting, and rarely dulls the saw blade.
For the base material material is non-metallic, resin cutting pieces are generally used. Resin cutting discs have the characteristics of light weight, low price and high efficiency.

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