Grinding wheel is one of the most important tools in industrial products. It is also one of the most important links in processing. What does it mean that the abrasive particles are easy to fall off? Hardness refers to the ease with which the abrasive grains on the surface of the grinding discs are detached from the binder under the action of cutting force. If the abrasive particles are easy to fall off, the hardness of the abrasive tool is low. On the contrary, the hardness is high. The following Czdome grinding tools editor will tell you about it in detail.

Grinding wheel hardness selection principle:

For grinding hard materials, soft grinding discs should be used. In order to keep it better “self-sharpening”. Increase the service life of grinding discs and reduce grinding force and grinding heat. When grinding soft materials, a hard abrasive wheel should be used. It can maintain the sharpness of the abrasive micro-edge for a longer time, which is conducive to cutting.
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