Grinding wheels are mainly used for grinding different materials such as metal stainless steel, most of which are square in shape. So can the grinding wheel grind the cone? What technical difficulties are there? Today, the editor of Cndome® will take you to analyze it.
Cylindrical grinder during grinding. Only when the moving direction of the worktable is parallel to the rotational axis of the workpiece (or the moving direction of the grinding head is parallel to the rotational axis of the workpiece) can it be ground into a cylinder. To grind out the cone, this relationship must be changed.
For the same workpiece, the cylinder and the cone need to be processed in one clamping. Adjustment is very troublesome, not to mention the amount of adjustment available is very small. Therefore, only a cone with a small taper can be ground.
If the length of the cone is less than the width of the grinding wheel. Trim the grinding wheel to the corresponding angle and cut directly into the grinding cone. It can also meet the requirements, but the forming grinding wheel needs to be constantly revised.
Of course, a tool grinder can be handy for grinding cones. But the situation is the same as that of the cylindrical grinder, only the taper size is greatly different. It can grind a larger taper cone.
If a high-speed grinding head is installed on the small tool holder of the lathe. Use the grinding wheel instead of the turning tool to adjust and fix the angle of the small carriage. As in lathe machining, when machining a cylinder, the middle carriage feeds and the large carriage moves. When machining connected cones, the middle carriage feeds and the small carriage moves. The workpiece is clamped at one time, and the grinding wheel completes the grinding of the cylinder and the cone connected to it at the same time.

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