There will always be some problems when using resin flap disc. And these questions always get people in a hurry. There are many reasons why things go wrong. Today, the editor will share with you one of the reasons-expiration. So can expired flap disc be used?
Issue of validity period The new grinding disc received from the warehouse is not necessarily a qualified grinding wheel. Even a new grinding wheel purchased from the manufacturer is not necessarily a qualified grinding wheel. Any grinding wheel has a certain expiration date. Used within the validity period, it is a qualified grinding wheel.
If it is used beyond the validity period, it is not necessarily a qualified grinding wheel. The regulations stipulate that the grinding wheel should be used within the validity period. Resin and rubber-bonded grinding disc must undergo a rotation test after one year of storage. Only qualified persons can use it.
The storage time is one year, and after the time is exceeded, the revolving inspection should be carried out again. It can be used after confirmation. Work slowly when using the cutting blade. Excessive force may cause stalling. The phenomenon of jamming and crushing of cutting blades. If a jam occurs, the cutting blade should be lifted immediately to avoid burning or jamming of the cutting blade.
In the process of use, if the grinding wheel is found to have cracks locally, it should be stopped immediately. Replace the grinding wheel with a new one, so as not to cause the grinding wheel to break and hurt people.