Because stainless steel is a relatively soft material, and many grinding wheels on the market have different hardnesses. The result after cutting is different. Therefore, it is best to select the grinding wheel for cutting stainless steel. This saves material after cutting and without burrs. CNDOME Grinding Wheel Green Sheet is a tool specially developed for stainless steel products. It cuts sharply, does not burn the workpiece, and has no burrs.

What is abrasive wet cutting? The abrasive wet cutting method generally uses a grinding wheel for cutting. Depending on the material to be cut, discs with different compositions may be required. The choice of grinding wheel is also affected by the hardness and toughness of the material.

Consumable cutting discs are generally grinding discs. The cutting properties of such a dicing sheet vary with the properties of the adhesive. Binders can be divided into different categories based on “hardness” or grit retention or disposal.

It is important to select the correct cutting disc for a specific material. Only the correct cutting disc can ensure a small deformation and a smooth surface. The higher the surface quality after cutting, the faster the desired preparation results can be obtained.

CNDOME grinding wheel raw materials are purchased from well-known domestic companies. In the production process, automatic feeding, automatic stringing, automatic plastic packaging, finished product inspection, and sampling cutting test!

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