In use, some resin grinding wheel of poor quality will crack. There are two reasons for this, one is mechanical shock and the other is thermal shock. Causes cracks inside the product and promotes rapid crack propagation, eventually leading to complete cracks.
mechanical shock. During the molding process, it is flipped, collided, beaten, and impacted during handling. The pressure during processing is too large, the amount of knife feeding is too large, etc. For example, the thermal shock includes heating up too fast, cooling rate too fast, drying rate too fast and so on.
Thermal shock. Because of thermal stress inside the resin wheel. Thermal shock resistance, in addition to the mechanical relationship. It is also closely related to the thermal conductivity and thermal expansion function of the product itself. In the process of heating, the temperature difference between the surface and the inside of the product is caused, that is, the temperature difference. As a result, each part of the product has different rates of expansion and contraction, resulting in thermal stress.

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