We often use resin grinding wheels and ceramic grinding wheels. The difference between the two is that the bonding agent of the grinding wheel is different. In terms of the nature of the binding agent. The ceramic bond is an inorganic bond, and the resin bond is an organic bond. As a result, the properties and uses of these two grinding wheels are different.

Resin grinding wheel

Grinding wheels made of resin bond. The resin shrinkage is small and the hardening temperature is low. Grinding wheels of various complex shapes can be made. Reinforcing materials such as metal rings and glass mesh cloth can also be embedded. Therefore, the rotational strength of the grinding wheel is high. It can work under severe conditions with heavy load or high impact force. For example, the speed of the high-speed heavy-duty grinding wheel reaches 50 m/s, and the load is generally as high as 5000 N. Resin has a certain elasticity, and it is used to make mirror grinding wheels. The workpiece can obtain a small surface roughness. Take advantage of the plasticity of the resin before it hardens. Can also be made into 0.8mm or thinner cut-off or grooved grinding wheels.

Ceramic grinding wheel

Synthetic grinding wheels are made with vitrified bond. Has good stability. Various cutting fluids can be used for wet grinding or dry grinding during processing. Ceramic grinding wheels are widely used in internal and external cylindrical grinding planes. It is also suitable for form grinding and grinding of tools, gears, threads, crankshafts, etc. Ceramic grinding wheels can also be made into high-speed grinding wheels. Can be used for high-speed grinding, working at speeds up to 60 m/s. Slow-feed strong grinding ceramic grinding wheel, one-time depth of cut can reach 10 ~ 20 mm.
The material types of ordinary resin grinding wheels on the market are: A, WA, SA, PA, GC, C, 38A, DA, 19A, users can choose according to their own usage.

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