Inventory of different characteristics of resin abrasive wheel and ceramic grinding wheel:

Grinding wheel is a porous body made by adding binder to abrasive, compacting, drying and calcining. It can perform rough grinding, semi-finishing and fine grinding, as well as grooving and cutting of the outer circle, inner circle, plane and various profiles of metal or non-metal workpieces. Due to the different abrasives, binders and manufacturing processes, the characteristics of abrasive wheels vary widely. Therefore, it has an important influence on the processing quality, productivity and economy of grinding.

Resin grinding wheel cutting disc

What are the different characteristics of resin abrasive wheel and ceramic abrasive wheel?

1. In terms of color, ceramic abrasive wheels are generally blue, white, red, green, black, etc. according to different materials, and the resin is generally dark brown.
2. In terms of smell, the ceramic abrasive wheel is generally tasteless, and the resin abrasive wheel has the odor of tartaric acid of the resin.
3. In terms of sound, the ceramic abrasive wheel generally makes a crisp sound when it is struck, while the sound of the resin grinding wheel is hoarse and low.
4. Resin grinding wheel and ceramic abrasive wheel are the different bonding agents of the abrasive wheel. In terms of the nature of the binding agent. The ceramic bond is an inorganic bond. The resin binder is an organic binder.

As a result, the properties and uses of these two abrasive wheels are different.

1) Ceramic abrasive wheel: Because its binder is ceramic, its chemical composition is stable, heat-resistant, water-resistant, strong, but brittle. Such as cylindrical grinders and surface grinders, because the grinding wheel will generate a lot of heat when it works. Therefore, it is better to use a ceramic bond to wash and cool it with water.
2) Resin abrasive wheel: Resin is an organic binder, so it has high elasticity and strength. However, the firmness, heat resistance and corrosion resistance are poor. When the grinding wheel is used for grinding with the end face, the resin grinding wheel is used. When doing material cutting, you can choose to use a thin resin bond abrasive wheel. When the abrasive wheel speed is high, use a resin-bonded abrasive wheel.
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