Cutting discs have become a very common thing in life, and more and more are used in many industries. Iron, stainless steel, roads, tiles, trees, these things that we can see every day in our lives need to use cutting discs . Some need to be polished, some need to be cut.

There are many types of cutting wheel, diamond saw blade, wood chip, resin cutting wheel and so on. Today I’m going to talk about the ultra-thin grinding wheel discs produced by our factory. First of all, please let me talk about my company-CNDOME ABRASIVE DISC COMPANY. We are one of the TOP 10 manufacturers of cutting and grinding discs in China, range from 75-400mm discs. We have been cooperated with  many famous brand in the world.The 4.5-inch and 5-inch ultra-thin grinding wheels are the two best-selling ultra-thin discs in our factory. They are favored by European and American customers, especially in the American market. Many large customers choose our two super flakes.

Customer selection depends on three aspects to a large extent. The first is your price. In terms of price, CNDOME Wheels has always adhered to the route of high quality and low price, which is beneficial to customers. Only when customers can make money, will they continue to flow. If the majority of the profit is stuck in the factory link, no matter how good the quality of the product is, the customer’s sales strategy is so sophisticated and the sales are slow, the order cycle will be prolonged, so it has always been the purpose of our factory to benefit customers. The second is quality. All our products will be cut and tested in the factory’s test workshop after the first batch is released.

If the quality is not up to standard, our company will treat the product as a waste product and reproduce new products. These two super flakes are divided into three types: normal, high-end and super flakes. The higher the grade, the number of cutting knives and the sharpness have been greatly improved. Generally, our high-end products can fully meet the needs of more than 95% of customers. Only a few European countries, similar to Germany, Belgium, and South Korea Only countries that have high requirements on craftsmanship will customize super films. The third is service, customer experience, and after-sales issues related to the product. Our company has dedicated personnel to connect and strive to satisfy customers. Any questions will be responded to as soon as possible. The company attaches great importance to any customer’s problems or complaints.Because customer complaints and feedback are also a process for our company to improve our services and improve our products.

There are many types of hot ultra-thin sheets, such as 105*1.0*16. This is our company’s best-selling model in Southeast Asia and China. Different customers have different requirements and different requirements for quality. Therefore, we have different quality grinding wheel for each specification to meet the various needs of different customers in various countries around the world.

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