There are so many colors of cutting discs, what are the specialties? The color of the abrasive itself will affect the color of the cutting discs. For example, the abrasive brown corundum is the black cutting disc, and the abrasive white corundum is the green cutting disc… You must not think of these colors. Let’s explore it with Dome Wheels.

One, increase the beauty of the cutting piece

In order to improve the aesthetics of the dicing sheet, the general manufacturer will add colorants in the production. One is to attract consumers’ desire to buy, and the other is that if the color of the cut sheet is too light, colorants can be used to increase the appearance color.

The colorant itself will not affect the performance of the cutting sheet itself. There are several types of colorants commonly used by cutting disc manufacturers: red iron oxide, chromium oxide green, iron oxide black, carbon black and carbon dioxide. These materials not only improve the appearance, but also protect the cutting discs and improve the grinding performance, which is profitable and harmless.

Two, adding colorants to increase the performance of the cutting sheet

Adding coloring agents to the cutting blades, such as the heating of the cutting blades, the grinding performance, and the light appearance of the color can be effectively solved. Different colorants have different properties such as high temperature resistance, light resistance and tinting strength. It can be seen that many cutting disc colors on the market are divided into three categories: black, green and red. Not only the color of the abrasive, but also the colorant has great uses.

In the production process of the cutting sheet, due to the difference in heat resistance, the color changes under the influence of temperature. However, some colorants have good adsorption capacity, no matter how high the temperature is, their color will not be affected.

Three, bright colors help to distinguish

Because different companies of cutting objects also choose different colors of cutting discs. For example, for stainless steel special green cutting discs, ordinary steel can be black or red. Different colors not only help to distinguish the purpose, but also the different colors of the cutting blade can increase the work efficiency and reduce the burden on the operators.

Four, market selection, improve efficiency

The cutting discs on the market are available in yellow, pink, green, black and other colors. Black and green are mainly used in the Asian market, and black cutting discs are very popular in China, South Korea and other countries. For example, yellow cutting discs are used more in Africa and other regions. Yellow cutting discs are mainly made of yellow sand, which is low in price. India’s industrial development is developed, but it prefers to use cheap cutting discs.

The above is the understanding of the color of the cutting disc brought by the Damon grinding wheel manufacturer. It can be known that the color has a great relationship with the performance of the cutting chip. The colorant is only an auxiliary pigment and will not affect the cutting chip itself.

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