It can make the cutting disc get good shape retention. Generally, a thermosetting phenolic resin is used as a binder, and the diamond abrasive grains are mixed with the resin. Then it is sintered by hot pressing, heat cured and then ground. This process takes several hours, so the production cost is relatively high.
With the advancement of production technology, thermal curing resins are gradually replaced by light curing resins. Photocrosslinkable polymer, initiator and additive composition. The most essential difference between it and thermosetting resin is that its curing process is a chemical reaction caused by absorbing light radiation of the corresponding wavelength. Converts photocurable resins from liquid to solid. Its transition from liquid to solid is a result of the increase in molecular weight. rather than solvent evaporation. Therefore, it has the advantages of fast curing, no pollution and energy saving. But the limiting factor is the high price of its raw materials.
Use of photocurable resin method to manufacture ultra-thin cutting disc. my country has successfully developed an ultra-thin diamond cutting wheel with a thickness of 0.15mm using light-cured resin as a binder. And successfully completed the cutting test of single crystal silicon wafer.

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