5# steel belongs to high hardness steel. Generally, the grinding wheel will be quite laborious or even unable to cut when cutting. Therefore, it is ideal to use a high-hardness grinding wheel for cutting. Czdome grinding wheel adopts imported core accessories. Cutting carbon steel and stainless steel with very good results! So how to make high-quality grinding wheels?

Consider the influence of resin liquid viscosity:

Liquid resin with high viscosity has poor wetting performance and long mixing time. If it is used for fine-grained materials, it is difficult to mix uniformly. From the point of uniform mixing, resins with low viscosity are easily dispersed. Conducive to the uniformity of the mixture. Because the low viscosity liquid resin can dissolve more resin powder. Cause the molding material to agglomerate and lose looseness.
For coarse-grained abrasives, use higher resin fluids.
For fine-grained abrasives, resin fluids with lower viscosity can be used.
Based on the current production status of resin grinding wheels. In order to solve the problem of product decline, strength and so on. Use high viscosity, high solids liquid resins.
The above is the effect of resin liquid viscosity on quality, have you learned it? Czdome grinding wheels are cost-effective, and in the same industry, both price and quality are dominant! Low price for the same quality, good quality for the same price.


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