The grinding Wheel strength includes tensile strength, flexural strength, compressive strength and funk resistance.
The tensile strength of the grinding disc indicates the strength of the grinding disc under the maximum tensile stress. It is a secondary indicator of grinding disc manufacturing and use. Directly related to the strength that the abrasive wheel can break when it is spinning at high speed.
The grinding wheel flexural strength indicates the maximum bending stress or perhaps the bending limit of the grinding disc. When using abrasive wheels for grinding, such as thread grinding, crankshaft grinding and various types of plunge grinding. Both require the grinding disc to have good flexural strength and be able to resist the bending stress that occurs during grinding.
The compressive strength of the grinding tool indicates the strength limit of the abrasive wheel under pressure. For example, when the abrasive wheel is grinding with increasing radial load, the abrasive grains are blunt and fractured and the degree of fracture is related to the compressive strength.
The anti-fleeing strength of the grinding disc indicates the performance of the abrasive wheel against the fleeing force under the dynamic load.
The strength of the abrasive wheel comes from the manufacturing process of the abrasive wheel, the performance of the coupling agent and the specification of the abrasive wheel. The factors that reflect the strength of the abrasive tool are: the type of abrasive, the particle size, the type and performance of the binder used. Grinding wheel position, structure, density, mixing and heat treatment process conditions. The shape of the abrasive wheel, the ratio of the outer diameter of the grinding disc to the hole diameter, etc. When the characteristics and specifications of the abrasive wheel are given, the performance of the coupling agent and the heat treatment process conditions are the most important.

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