We often use hand-held angle grinders when cutting some ordinary metals. It is very convenient and practical. It is easy to cut the metal with a little effort when the power is turned on.
Angle grinders usually use cutting discs when cutting. Cutting is a very commonly used tool in the grinding process. When used, the angle grinder drives it to rotate at a high speed, which can grind various workpieces of different materials. Grooving and cutting and other processing.
Cutting discs are used to cut metal thin slices. The cutting blades mainly use glass fiber, resin and abrasives as reinforcing materials. They have high impact resistance and bending strength. Therefore, they are used for cutting ordinary steel, stainless steel and other metals and non-metals.
The resin cutting discs are mainly made of binder resin and abrasive materials. They can cut harder metal materials with relatively high cutting efficiency and precision

The manufacturing process of the cutting disc:

The role of cutting discs for angle grinders is self-evident, just like the role of teeth on humans. Once the cutting discs break during operation, it is easy to cause serious injuries to the human body. Therefore, it is very important to produce high-quality and qualified cutting blades.

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Pour resin, abrasives (such as brown corundum, silicon carbide), cryolite, adhesives and other raw materials, according to the formula requirements, flow a certain proportion of raw materials into the raw material bucket through the funnel.
The mixed raw materials are thoroughly mixed and stirred, and the mixed raw materials must be repeatedly filtered and screened to remove impurities and ensure that the raw material particles are the same size.

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In order to solidify the raw materials, the quality of the substrate is also extremely important. First, the grid-like bakelite board is used as the substrate to support the abrasive. Therefore, the bakelite substrate needs to be placed at the bottom of the mold when manufacturing the cutting sheet.
Then, the abrasive is filled and covered on the glass fiber mesh substrate. After the filling process is completed, the abrasive mixed with various raw materials is pressed into a shape by a machine cold pressing method.
After pressing and forming, the cutting disc is pressed up by the middle flange with a machine.

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The press formed cutting discs should be placed in a kiln and dried and hardened at a high temperature, or they can be dried in a natural environment, or a continuous drying method that uses both natural and high temperature.

Inspection packaging

Sampling the cutting discs for strict inspection of appearance, size, hardness, etc. We will inspect the appearance one by one.
The maximum speed of the cutting blades will also be sampled in batches, which is very important (if the maximum speed of the machine exceeds the maximum speed of the cutting blades, then the cutting blades are most likely to burst during use, and the consequences are very serious.)