First of all, the angle grinder and cutting disc are manufactured on the rolling mill, but due to different performance requirements, they are divided into angle grinder and cutting disc. These two types of polishing pads can be classified in two ways.

Different uses.

Grinding discs are used for grinding. For example, the thorn on the surface of a piece needs to be polished, and the flash on the surface of a piece needs to be polished. At this time, the grinder is equipped with a grinder to grind off the thorns and smooth the flash. Cut slices are used for blanking. If you want to cut a 2-length channel steel into two sections, you need to cut a piece.

Different thickness.

Grinding disc is thick, cutting disc is thin. The thickness of the cutting disc with a diameter of 100mm is about 1mm, and the thickness of the grinding plate with a diameter of 100mm is more than 10mm. The cutting blade is thin, so that material waste is minimal and cutting resistance is low. If you go to grind, the sides will be crushed. The bottom is thickened so it can take on the larger side and doesn’t move while cutting.
Also, special grinding wheels should be used when cutting stainless steel. Because stainless steel is a soft material, many grinding wheels on the market have different hardness, resulting in different cutting results. Therefore, it is best to choose a grinding wheel for cutting stainless steel, so that materials can be saved after cutting.

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