In daily life, many consumers will experience softening when operating with cutting discs, especially resin cutting discs. Many people are confused for a while and don’t know what caused it. There are many reasons for the occurrence of soften the cutting disc , and today I will summarize the reasons for the majority of consumers.

  1. The hardening temperature is too low or too high.

The temperature and humidity change suddenly and greatly, and the fluctuation of the relevant technical indicators of the raw materials at the same time meets the conditions caused the cutting wheel soft. At this time, if the hardening curve is still the same as before, the soft cutting disc come into being. Poor hardening stability means that due to the double influence of the environment and raw materials, the highest hardening temperature of the resin abrasives disc should be provided in time when the seasons change or the temperature and humidity change significantly. The hardening stability is high, which means that the hardening curve has been adjusted, but when the stability and happiness are reduced, and the hardening stability is not adjusted down in time when the weather is dry, it is also easy to cause the abrasives disc soft .

  1. The time to harden the curve is short

Under certain conditions, the low-temperature drying time of the hardening curve is short, and the heating speed is too fast during the heating stage. This factor will also cause the resin cutting disc to appear soft. So everyone should pay attention.

  1. Out of the furnace or out of the kiln is too fast or the temperature difference is too large

Especially the abrasives disc with large diameter, there should be a certain cooling time period at the end of hardening and heat preservation to meet the uniform release of the stress of the resin abrasives disc ; at this time, if the furnace temperature is too high or the temperature difference changes too much, the cooling change of the abrasives disc will not change. Will be synchronized, so the deformation of the abrasives disc appears. Soft of resin cutting wheel is actually a form of deformation.

  1. Elimination of hardening humid atmosphere in hardening furnaces

All hardening furnaces, whether box furnaces or tunnel kilns, must consider air intake and exhaust when designing the furnace. Since the resin abrasives disc may release a large amount of exhaust gas (mainly ammonia and water vapor) during the hardening process, if these exhaust gas cannot be discharged in time, it will be re-adsorbed by the pores of the resin abrasives disc during the cooling process of the abrasives disc , which will cause the abrasives disc to odor And soft.

From the above reasons, we can clearly see that the reason cause the soft of the cutting disc is not improper operation or excessive use temperature. Now that we know these essential reasons, we must be targeted when choosing a cutting disc. Don’t choose blindly , have your own pertinence.

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