Grinding Wheels have been widely used and provided great help to human beings. And after years of development, there are now various types. A series of products such as resin cymbal grinding wheel, resin thin film grinding wheel, resin grinding wheel, sand tile and impeller have been formed. However, after a period of use, it is inevitable that there will be wear and tear. Today, Damon Grinding Wheel will discuss with you how to dress worn abrasive discs.
After the grinding wheels have been in operation for a period of time, its working surface will show a passivation appearance. If it is used continuously, it will increase the conflict between the grinding wheel and the surface of the workpiece, and then affect the surface quality of the workpiece. Therefore, the right time should be selected to dress the grinding wheel in time.
The dressing method of the grinding discfirst, diamond is a commonly used dressing tool. It has extremely high hardness and its sharp angle is 70°-80°. When dressing, the abrasive grains hit the hard prongs of the diamond, and they will shatter and form new micronecks. Due to the small contact area between the diamond and the polishing pad. The resulting elastic deformation is also small, so that a finely finished surface can be obtained.
The size of the diamond can be selected according to the diameter of the polishing pad. Diamond is a valuable item. Before use, check whether the diamond welding is firm or not. Weak diamond cannot be used.
If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. Only smooth and qualified grinding discs can help us do a good job. If the grinding disc is passivated, it must be polished in time. In addition, we usually pay attention to the maintenance of the grinding disc.