A balance experiment of the grinding wheel is necessary. Whether it is before the new abrasive wheel is put into use for the first time, or it is found that the grinding wheel is running unbalanced, it is necessary to balance it in time. There are two balance methods for resin grinding wheels: dynamic balance method and static balance method.
1. Dynamic balance method. The method relies on sensors mounted on the machine tool. It directly shows the unbalance of the grinding wheel device during rotation. By adjusting the position and distance of the balance block, the unbalance is controlled to a minimum.
2. Static balance method. The static balance adjustment is carried out on the balance frame, and the center of gravity of the abrasive wheel is found manually. Install the balance block and adjust the position of the balance block until the abrasive wheel is balanced. The abrasive wheel can generally be balanced in eight orientations.
After mastering the above two methods, there is no need to worry about the loss of resin grinding wheel due to imbalance.

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