Resin grinding wheel with the rapid development of electronics, machinery, optics and other industries. Higher and higher requirements are put forward for the machining surface quality and machining efficiency of hard and brittle materials such as single crystal silicon, stainless steel, and cemented carbide.
1. Ceramic grinding wheel has good electrical conductivity. And after electrolysis, a passivation film is produced on the surface, which lays the foundation for the realization of ELID technology.
2. The advantage of vitrified bond grinding wheel is its natural porosity and good chemical stability. Therefore, it is suitable for dry and wet grinding, especially when using water-based and oil-based grinding fluids. However, the poor elasticity of ceramic grinding wheels and the need for high sintering temperatures limit its development.
3. Phenolic resin bonded grinding wheel has the advantages of good elasticity and small sensitivity to shock, impact and lateral pressure. Its high stability enables it to adapt to higher rotational speeds and improve grinding performance. Therefore, it is especially suitable for grinding and cutting wheels. Its good elasticity makes it suitable for fine grinding and surface polishing.
4. High strength and high speed. With the continuous development of new varieties of modified resins, the strength of the resin grinding wheel has been greatly improved, and then the wheel speed has been significantly increased.
5. Wider application range. The use of larger resin grinding wheels has grown in comprehensive use and, year after year, has become the largest fixed abrasive product. At the same time, the application range of resin grinding wheel is very wide, as long as we can think of the industry has used it.
Grinding wheel and grinding technology affect the machining quality of engineering ceramics machining cost and its application. Semiconductor silicon chip materials such as grinding technology and quality affect the further development of computers and the development of the information technology industry. Therefore, grinding wheels and their grinding are widely used in various industries, and scientific and technological progress and the entire national economy play an important role.