At present, the grinding wheel on the market is dazzling, and the quality is uneven. From the selection of raw materials to the image of products, there are great differences. As a professional resin grinding wheel manufacturer, today we will introduce the five major differences between our company’s products and some grinding wheel products on the market.
1. Differences in raw materials. The high-quality abrasive wheel is calcined by high-temperature calcination method, and the product is stronger and more durable.
2. Design differences. In terms of anti-skid and anti-vibration, our company’s products use paper pads to play such roles.
3. Making differences. The single side of the abrasive wheel is added with a flat weave mesh, which is more secure.
4. Functional differences. No blackening when cutting non-magnetic stainless steel.
5. Image differences. The surface will not be rough and uneven, more smooth and detailed, one piece is better than two pieces.
Our company’s resin grinding wheels have many advantages and are suitable for ultra-high-speed and high-power operations. And has a number of national patents, is the best choice for major manufacturers.