Today’s test is a 180*6*22mm grinding disc. The test is our S grade wear-resistant angle grinder. The raw material is the 27,676 grams. The tester fixes the work piece and starts a 10 minute grinding test. After 10 minutes of testing, there are 27,443 grams of material left and 474.5 grams of the grinding wheel.
Grinding ratio=(27676-27443)/(480.2-474.5)=40.8,You can see the status of the two grinding wheels after grinding. The one on the right is almost the same as the new one, and there is no consumption.Of course, our regular models are also excellent. If you have any questions about other products, please feel free to contact us.

The safety of resin grinding wheel
The safety of resin grinding wheel is an important index to measure its quality. A series of tests are required before the grinding wheel leaves the factory to ensure the quality of the grinding wheel. First, raw material testing, phenolic resin testing and abrasive testing. The second is appearance inspection, static balance inspection and flatness inspection. Finally, there are cutting test detection, including rotary strength detection, grinding wheel recession detection, grinding test, etc. These test data can well reflect whether the quality of different batches of products is stable and whether they meet the factory requirements.The quality of the grinding wheel directly affects its grinding effect. In order to have a good grinding effect, it is necessary to select a high-quality grinding wheel. To select a high-quality grinding wheel, it is necessary to master the quality judgment method of the grinding wheel. What is the quality judgment method of the resin grinding wheel? Now let’s learn together, so that we can choose a high-quality grinding wheel:
1.Check whether there are cracks inside the grinding wheel. Hold the grinding wheel in your hand and tap the grinding wheel with a wooden hammer to listen to its sound. The grinding wheel without cracks makes a clear sound, while the grinding wheel with cracks makes a hoarse sound, which cannot be used.
2.Check whether the brand is correct and whether it conforms to the performance, shape and size of all selected grinding wheels.
3.Directly inspect the appearance and structure of grinding wheel. Use your eyes to observe whether the grinding wheel is damaged or cracked. Grinding wheel with damaged appearance cannot be used. In addition, both ends of the resin grinding wheel are required to be flat without obvious skew.
Resin grinding wheel cutting pieces are often used in the current industrial society. Many manufacturers and consumers will choose to use resin grinding wheel when processing and producing. Sharp grinding wheel cutting pieces can better speed up production. So how to check the hardening degree of resin grinding wheel cutting pieces when processing and producing? Let’s take a look.
1.Solvent action method.
This method is to take a certain number of abrasive tool samples, immerse them in the solvent of synthetic resin (such as acetone, ethanol, etc.), let them soak in the solvent for a certain time (generally about 24 hours), take out and observe the resistance of the abrasive wheel cutting piece sample to the solvent, to determine its hardening degree. If there is no change in the color of the sample and solvent, it shall be regarded as completely hardened; If the sample of grinding wheel cutting piece expands or dissolves into loose material under the action of solvent, and the solvent becomes light yellow due to the dissolution of resin, it is regarded as incomplete hardening. The disadvantage of this method is that it often damages the parts, takes a long time, can not judge the excessive hardening of the grinding wheel cutting pieces, and has little value for production inspection.
2.Color judgment method.
This method is very simple and can be judged completely according to the appearance of the grinding wheel cutting piece products: the hardened products are light brown and dark brown in color; For the appearance of the incomplete hardened grinding wheel cutting piece, the silicon carbide abrasive tool is green, the white corundum abrasive tool is light yellow, the brown corundum abrasive tool is light yellow-green, and the over-hardened product is black. At present, the color judgment method is mostly used in the inspection of resin grinding wheel cutting pieces in China.
The resin grinding wheel cutting disc mainly uses resin as the binding agent, which is a good cutting material. The cutting methods can also be classified into many categories. The material is sharp and the cutting efficiency is fast. It is a material that many manufacturers like very much. When producing resin grinding wheel cutting pieces, the quality of resin grinding wheel pieces needs special attention.The characteristics of grinding wheel pieces do harm to the application performance of grind-wheel pieces:
1 Abrasive material.
The common abrasives for laser cutting abrasive wheel are brown corundum (A), white corundum (wA), black corundum (BA), black silicon carbide (c), etc. The common abrasives are brown corundum. Because brown corundum has the characteristics of high hardness, large ductility, sharp particles, strong acceptability and lower price than other abrasives. Brown corundum can be divided into primary grind and secondary grind according to whether it is fully recovered when it is in the smelter. The specific performance is as follows: the Al2O3 content of primary grind is ≥ 94.5; Al2O3 content of secondary grind is less than 94.5%; It is generally around 85%, and the content of Fe2O3 is 4-5%; Therefore, the hardness of secondary grind is lower than that of primary grind, but the price is also lower; Brown corundum is suitable for the production and processing of various carbon steels and general carbon steels; White corundum has higher hardness, greater ductility and lower cutting heat than brown corundum. Due to its high price, it is used for the specified thermal expansion of steel parts and also used as mixed abrasive for material production and processing; The Al2O3 content of black corundum is 70-85%, and the Fe203 content is 7-9%. The hardness is low, and the cutting speed is poor, but the price is also cost-effective; Black silicon carbide has high hardness, good ductility, sharp cutting edge, good self-sharpening performance and good heat transfer. It has advantages in the production and processing of rare metals, plastics, vulcanized rubber and pig iron.
2 Abrasive particle size distribution.
The common particle size distribution is: 22 # – 80 #. When the particle size distribution is fine, the laser cutting efficiency is low.
3 grinding wheel hardness.
Common hardness: P, Q, R; N、S; Generally, hard grinding wheel is used to reduce the damage of grind wheel. Its hardness is controlled by such factors as the amount of fusion agent, relative density of forming, firing temperature and firing time.
4 Fusion agent.
Common epoxy resin fusion agents include powder urea-formaldehyde resin and liquid urea-formaldehyde resin. The powdery urea-formaldehyde resin has good technological performance, the relative density of mold forming is slightly small, the mechanism number is slightly large, and the price is higher than that of liquid urea-formaldehyde resin; Liquid phenolic resin has a low price, but the material is easy to agglomerate and the mixture is not easy to be evenly distributed, which is easy to lead to partial hardening of the mold.
5 Institutions.
The mechanism number of laser cutting grinding wheel should be slightly larger to improve the efficiency of laser cutting: it is harmful to compressive strength, and the common mechanism number is 3~7.
Hazards of raw materials cut by laser on laser cutting performance
As detailed above, various abrasives are suitable for different raw materials to be cut, so different materials to be cut will do great harm to laser cutting performance. In general, when cutting raw materials with high compressive strength, use corundum abrasive particles; When cutting raw materials with low compressive strength, silicon carbide abrasive is used.The harm of the performance of automatic cutting machine to the actual effect of laser cutting:
(1)Output power of automatic cutting machine N ∶ N=Ft × V. Ft is the normal laser cutting force, V is the angular velocity of the grind wheel; Among them, F1 is determined by many factors, such as abrasive hardness, self-sharpness of abrasive wheel, compressive strength of abrasive wheel, hardness of material to be cut, specification, and axial working pressure at the laser cutting point, and F1 is also the key factor that endangers the small size of laser cutting steel parts.
(2)The rotating speed ratio of the automatic cutting machine n: the rotating speed ratio of the grinding wheel determines the angular velocity v, that is, the relative velocity of the grinding wheel and the steel parts, which is very important for the laser cutting efficiency. The higher the speed is, the higher the speed is, under the condition of the allowable compressive strength.
(3)Axial working pressure Fn at the laser cutting point: for the laser cutting method, the normal force Ft is generated by the axial force Fn; The larger Fn, the larger Ft; Fn/Ft is about 1.5~3, but the joint force F of Fn and Ft is determined by the compressive strength of grind wheel and abrasive.
Experimental method:
Although China does not conduct quality evaluation at this stage, it is not easy to apply for enforcement; However, each manufacturer must use some kind of identification method to supervise and manipulate its own products, so as to improve the competitiveness of the products in the sales market. According to the experimental results and the characteristics of products used for many years, the following scoring tables and identification methods are clearly proposed; In the table, the laser cutting efficiency score FT and wear resistance score FG are considered by the average time and average cost of three laser cutting respectively.
The customer selects the laser cutting grind wheel according to the left and right standards, which is both economical and convenient to use. The cutting piece is qualified only after 60 points.The resin cutting disc is a cutting tool, which is operated by electricians and other staff. In order to achieve safe production and improve production efficiency, some use details need to be paid special attention when using resin cutting discs. Next, Damon’s editor will tell you four points to pay attention to when using them.
1. When the cutting is not sharp, the cutting disc shall be trimmed and cut. If it continues to be used, it will overheat and overload and cause damage to the cutting disc. In addition, it should be noted that the cutting piece is not allowed to be used for operations other than grooving or cutting to avoid abnormalities due to uneven stress.
2. During the rotation of the cutting disc, it is forbidden to cut by hand, let alone touch the cutting disc by hand and body. In addition, if any abnormality is found during the cutting process, the machine shall be shut down immediately. And it should be noted that when the cutting piece is marked with the rotation direction, it should be consistent with the rotation direction of the machine tool. On the contrary, the cutting is not sharp and it is difficult to exert the performance of the cutting disc.
3. If the cutting piece that does not match the workpiece to be cut is used, abnormal wear, sharpness and abnormal heat are likely to occur. In addition, it is also important to note that when the flange is too small or the accuracy is poor, the cutting disc is easy to be damaged. Please use it after improvement.
4. Before installing the cutting disc, please check carefully to confirm whether the cutting disc is deformed, cracked, chipped, etc.
As long as you pay attention to the points mentioned above when using resin cutting discs, there will be no major problems. I hope this article can give a wake-up call to those who use cutting discs and avoid accidents.Our factory produce 3inch to 16inch cutting wheel and 4inch to 9inch grinding wheel,If you have any question, please contact us.
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