As the most important accessory for grinding wheel grinding, the grinding wheel wears a lot during work. Different products require different abrasive particle sizes. The editor of Cndome® Grinding Wheel will share with you the grinding range of different grain sizes of the grinding wheels.
14#: Used for rough grinding or heavy-duty grinding of copper ingots, grinding leather, grinding salt, grinding floors, sandblasting and rust removal.
14#~30#: Used for grinding copper ingots, deburring castings, cutting copper billet steel pipes, rough grinding planes, grinding marble and refractory materials.
30#~60#: Generally used for rough grinding quenched or unquenched steel, brass and other metals and hard alloys on grinding machines such as flat grinding, cylindrical grinding, centerless grinding, and tool grinding.
60#~100#: used for fine grinding, tool sharpening and gear grinding, etc.
100#~240#: Used for sharpening, rough grinding, fine grinding, honing and thread grinding of various knives.
150#~W20: Used for fine grinding, honing, thread grinding, instrument parts and gear fine grinding.
W28 and finer: for superfinishing, mirror grinding, fine grinding and polishing.
The above is the sharing of Cndome® grinding wheel. For more knowledge about grinding wheel, please feel free to contact us! Cndome® covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters. It has a modern constant temperature and humidity workshop of 13,000 square meters. 24 fully automatic production lines with a daily output of 250,000 pieces. The finished product will be produced within 30~40 hours, and the delivery is guaranteed!