We generally use hand-held angle grinders when working with a variety of materials. Very convenient and practical. Just plug in the power, and you can quickly complete raw material processing with a little effort. If the saw is misaligned or burrs appear, rub it with an angle grinder. When cutting with an angle grinder, a cutting blade is used. When in use, it is driven by an angle grinder to rotate at a high speed. Workpieces of various materials can be cut.
It can be seen that abrasive tools are widely used products. There are refinements in different fields. Grinding discs, cutting discs, and flap discs are the three most common angle grinder abrasives on the market today. Cndome® will talk to you about the difference between the grinding tools. So that everyone can find exactly what they need when buying grinding tools.

Cutting disc

A cutting blade is a thin sheet used to cut metal. The cutting blade mainly uses glass fiber, resin and abrasive as reinforcing bonding materials. It has the characteristics of high impact resistance and bending strength. Therefore, it is often used to cut metal materials such as ordinary steel and stainless steel. Commonly used cutting discs are mainly resin cutting discs and diamond cutting discs. Resin cutting discs are mainly made of binder resin and abrasives. It can cut those hard metal materials, and the cutting efficiency and precision are relatively high. The diamond cutting blade is composed of a matrix and a diamond cutter head. Mainly used for cutting those non-metallic materials such as stone, ceramics and concrete.

Grinding wheel

Grinding wheel is an abrasive tool used for grinding. Generally, the thickness is thicker, and the bonding agent is added to the abrasive during the manufacturing process. It is then made by burning embryos and pressing. And because the abrasive in the grinding wheel and the manufacturing process are different. There are also big differences in the final wheel discs produced. It will affect the cutting quality and processing efficiency of the grinding wheel. According to the raw material (abrasive) to divide. Grinding wheels can be divided into ordinary abrasive types. Most of them are made of corundum and silicon carbide. As well as natural abrasive types, they are made of materials such as diamond and boron nitride. And according to the binding agent to divide. Grinding wheel can be divided into metal grinding wheel, rubber grinding wheel, resin grinding wheel, ceramic grinding wheel and so on. Knowing these, we must be able to purchase suitable grinding wheels in a more targeted manner.

Flap disc

Flap disc is a thin sheet used for grinding and polishing the surface of the workpiece. The surface of the flap disc is finely grained alumina and silicon carbide. These particles are used to grind the workpiece by rotating the flap disc at high speed. In order to achieve the ideal grinding effect, the abrasive particles of the flap disc will be evenly distributed. There are also particle numbers of different sizes, from dozens of meshes to thousands of meshes. There are various types, and you must clarify your needs before purchasing to buy the most suitable one.
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