Grinding wheel plugging is a very common phenomenon, no matter what kind of grinding wheel will happen. Reducing clogging in the wheel disc helps save resources and improve utilization. Let me share with you the common grinding wheel clogging-attachment type.
Adhesive clogging belongs to the clogging phenomenon in which abrasive dust mechanically fills the gap of the grinding wheels.
Cause of air movement. The abrasive debris slides out along the front edge of the grinding wheel, and several layers of abrasive debris accumulate locally in front of the abrasive grains. Under the action of high-speed rotation, an airflow vortex zone is formed, and the air pressure in the vortex zone is significantly reduced. Under the action of negative pressure, part of the abrasive debris adheres to the back of the abrasive grains, forming a blockage of attachments on the flank of the abrasive grains. Most deposits are ash and particles.
The cause of the magnetic field movement. In the grinding area, there will be charges arranged in a certain order during friction. Under the action of high temperature, positive ions and electrons are formed. There are neutral atoms and impurity dust in the electric field. Under the action of the electric field, a part of the grinding debris will show polarity, and opposites will attract each other, and the grinding debris will be adsorbed on the surface of the grinding wheel. Because the electric field strength is very small, the adsorption force is also very weak, and the wear debris is not reliable. Therefore, it is stably embedded in the gaps on the surface of the grinding wheel.

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