Resin grinding wheels are out of reach in our daily life. Naturally, I don’t know what this is, but it is actually a grinding wheel made of resin. Resin grinding discis a kind of cutting disc with good cutting effect. It has the advantages of good elasticity and small sensitivity to shock, impact and lateral pressure. Its high stability enables it to adapt to higher rotational speeds and improve grinding performance. Its good elasticity makes it suitable for fine grinding and surface polishing. The following grinding wheel wholesale manufacturer – Czdome grinding wheel editor will share with you the method of selecting grinding wheel:
1. Select the thin slice as far as possible under the conditions allowed by the cutting process
2. Choose a cutting blade with finer abrasive particles
3. Choose a cutting piece with a looser tissue to facilitate heat dissipation
4. The abrasive of the cutting blade should be reasonably configured with the cutting workpiece
In addition, some customers reported that it is easy to deform under the action of cutting heat. Especially for thin-walled and slender workpieces, after understanding the cutting principle. The grinding disc manufacturer said: In the cutting method, we must pay attention to adopting methods that generate as little cutting heat as possible. For example: adding coolant, increasing cutting speed, etc.
The above is the sharing of grinding wheel manufacturers. For more knowledge about resin grinding wheels, you can contact us at any time! Czdome grinding wheel covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters. It has 13,000 square meters of modern constant, temperature and wet workshops. 24 fully automatic production lines, with a daily output of 250,000 pieces. The finished product will be produced within 30~40 hours, and the delivery is guaranteed!

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