Quality factors and control points of grinding wheel slippage and less network
Leakage net—part of the built-in net of the grinding wheel leaks out.
Less net—The net is not placed in the grinding wheel as required.
Inspection Method:
Leaked network, external network—visual inspection.
Built-in network-the next station operator visual inspection.
1. Lost the net:
(1) Affect the appearance of the grinding wheel, and the product has no market competitiveness.
(2) The abrasive grains at the leaked mesh have poor cohesiveness and are easy to sand out.
(3) In use, the safety is poor. In severe cases, the grinding wheel ruptures, causing personal injury.
2. Less network: the strength of the grinding wheel cannot meet the safety requirements of the design, and the grinding wheel breaks directly when the worker is in use, causing personal injury.
Cause of:
1. The coarse particles of the mixture cause difficulty in spreading and leak through the net.
2. The scraper is not adjusted well or the spreading speed is fast, which leads to partial failure and slippage.
3. The mesh is not well compressed during pre-compression: the mesh is not flattened or compacted, and the mesh partially floats during the spreading process, causing the internal mesh to leak.
4. Too much waxing will cause wax masses to be formed in the spread to suppress, and form a slip through the net after hardening.
5. The operation is not careful, and the material mass is not processed in time.
6. Less network:
(1) The program design of the automatic unwinding device is unreasonable, and no automatic shutdown is detected when the net is not released.

(2)The operator is not serious, and the net has not been put out and has not been checked out.
Definition: unload the wheel without cooling to room temperature.
Inspection method: hand sensing
1.Slicing products are prone to severe distortion, deformation and bulging.
2.Affect the delivery period.
3. After long-term aluminum plate pressing and flatness are qualified, the product performance attenuation is difficult to restore to the designed performance.
Cause of:
1. The unloading personnel do not perform as required and are not aware of the seriousness of heat unloading.
2. Insufficient stacking of aluminum plates, and inadequate coordination of the production plan of the management personnel, to meet the use of the previous process, it is discharged before being cooled to normal temperature.
3. The spring-loaded large slice product has a long cooling time and needs to be improved.

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