Definition: The difference between the lightest point and the most important point of the grinding wheel on the balancer.

Detection method: Place the grinding wheel hole on the electronic balancer, and detect the lighter weight position and value.


  1. When the grinding wheel rotates, the rotation bearing capacity of the grinding wheel is additionally increased, and the safety factor of the grinding wheel is reduced. In severe cases, the grinding wheel may break during rotation and cause personal injury.
  2. When the grinding wheel rotates, the grinding wheel equipment is easy to vibrate, and the operator’s labor intensity increases.
  3. The main shaft of the equipment is easily damaged due to the vibration of the grinder.
  4. Due to the vibration of the grinder, the machining accuracy of the workpiece is poor.
  5. The grinding wheel is easy to be consumed unevenly, which reduces the service life of the abrasive wheel.

Cause of:

  1. It is caused by uneven mixing and inconsistent bulk density.
  2. The mixture is not parked for enough time and the mixture is in a bad state, which affects the uniformity of the spread.
  3. Uneven distribution of materials, mainly due to faster distribution of materials and uneven distribution of mixed materials.
  4. Insufficient equipment precision (spreader, rotating tray), caused by uneven distribution of the mixture.
  5. The inner and outer diameters of the grinding wheel are not concentric (the mold and the steel belt are worn), and the qualified mold is replaced in time.

judgement standard:

According to the measurement method of static unbalance value, based on the unbalance value specified in the work instruction, determine whether the static balance value of the semi-finished product is qualified or not. The unqualified semi-finished grinding wheel needs to be picked out by the machine personnel for proper rework treatment and re-tested after being qualified. For qualified products.


Grinding wheels with excessive static imbalance cannot be corrected after being hardened, and can only be turned into defective products, which will bring losses to the company. Therefore, it is very important for the molding personnel to strictly control the quality of the static imbalance of the semi-finished product. When repairing, pay attention to:

  1. The proportion of semi-finished products when static imbalance occurs. If it occurs rarely or occasionally, it can be repaired normally according to the process requirements. If there are a lot of them, it means that the production adjustment is unreasonable, and the machine needs to be shut down to find the reason and re-commissioning. It is strictly forbidden to produce with diseases.
  2. When repairing materials, if you need to add fine materials, you must pay attention to the amount of fine materials, and there is no need to suppress.

If you need to make up the coarse material, it must be suppressed and the pressure is reduced by half. This is because when the product is pressed twice at the same pressure, the density of the product increases, and the product becomes harder after hardening, making it impossible for customers to use.

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