There are many types of grinding wheels on the market, and the quality is also uneven. Therefore, in order to choose a good grinding wheel. When choosing, Cndome® grinding wheels recommends that you just pay attention to the following points.

Choice of abrasive, particle size, hardness and bond.

Characteristic abrasive, particle size, hardness and bond selection for CNC internal grinding wheels. It can be selected according to the material and machining accuracy of the workpiece. Generally, the structure of the abrasive wheel used in the CNC internal grinding machine should be 1-2 looser than that of the external abrasive wheel.

Choice of wheel width.

Use wider grinding wheels. It is beneficial to reduce the surface roughness value of the workpiece and improve the production efficiency. And can reduce the wear of the abrasive wheel. However, the grinding wheel should not be too wide, which will increase the grinding force. This causes the bending deformation of the abrasive wheel to connect the long axis. It should be within the allowable range of the rigidity of the abrasive wheel connecting the long axis and the power of the machine tool. The width of the grinding wheel can be selected according to the length of the workpiece.

Choice of wheel diameter.

Grinding wheel in order to achieve the ideal grinding speed during the grinding process. Generally, try to use a grinding wheel as close as possible to the hole diameter. However, when the diameter of the abrasive wheel increases, the contact arc between the grinding wheel and the workpiece also increases. This results in increased grinding heat, making chip evacuation and cooling more difficult. In order to achieve better results, generally there is an appropriate ratio between the diameter of the abrasive wheel and the hole diameter of the workpiece to be ground. Usually this ratio is between 0.5-0.9.

Choice of wheel shape.

There are two types of grinding wheels: cylindrical and cup-shaped. The cylindrical abrasive wheel mainly grinds through holes, and the cup-type grinding wheel mainly grinds the outside of the inner hole, and can also grind the end face of the stepped hole.
Cndome® Grinding Wheel is a professional abrasive wheel manufacturer. All products are sold at factory prices. All our raw materials are directly supplied by international and domestic high-quality manufacturers. To ensure the stability of the material, production and heat treatment are all done in-house. Through the whole process of control, the stability of the size, characteristics and life of the product can be ensured.

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