With the increasing number of machinery industries, more products need to be processed. Usually each product needs to be processed by cutting blade. Then follow-up grinding is carried out. After a series of processes, it becomes a mature product. So what kind of cutting blade products will become the industry leader? The following situations are to be avoided.

1. Soft film.

The track cannot be in a straight line when the slitting piece is working at high speed. The direct consequence is that the material after incision will show sloping stubble. As a result, the processing requirements cannot be met.

2. Shaking hands

This is because the slitting piece works at high speed. When holding credentials, the sensation is severe, the cutting power is reduced, and waste is generated. The reason is due to the unbalance of the cut piece.

3. Crack, broken

Because the mesh is defective, the amount of binder is too small or expired, and the furnace temperature is too low. As a result, when working at high speed, cracks will occur in the cut piece. In severe cases, it will break and hurt people.
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