Because of the manufacturing process, the resin cutting sheet has good elasticity and polishing effect. It has good self-sharpening and high cutting efficiency. The cutting temperature is low, and the surface finish of the cutting is high. More durable, so the application range is very wide.
First, the hardness of the cutting blade. In the face of the future, there will be more and more new metal products. Then the hardness requirements of cutting sheet products are also increasing. The hardness of the cutting sheet product determines everything about the product. At present, the high-precision and high-efficiency grinding effect brought by super-hard abrasive tools has been widely recognized.Second, the improvement of the physical structure of the abrasive tool. For example, the number of abrasive particles acting on the workpiece per unit time increases. Increase the average length of grinding and increase the grinding contact surface. These all change the grinding amount per unit time, effectively improving the efficiency. Only the cutting blade that truly improves product efficiency can truly grasp the future market.
The cutting blade needs to be equipped with a power tool. Therefore, it is necessary to select a suitable power tool according to the diameter and speed of the grinding wheel. The rotating speed of the power tool cannot exceed the speed indicated by the grinding wheel itself, otherwise it will cause danger.