In this internet age, live streaming has become the label of the era of 2022. Therefore, it also brings inspiration to many traditional enterprises. Coupled with the epidemic in early 2022, many industries have been hit. The sales of grinding wheels should also be changed moderately, and new models should be constantly tried to meet customer needs. Damon grinding wheel keeps trying, summarizes the following experience, and hopes to bring help to everyone.

1. The necessity of online operation

The development of technology has made video communication and online sales reliable and fast. People are staying at home and shopping without leaving home. The entry of online e-commerce platforms is what big brands and big companies need to do. In addition to these, the company’s editor of Google search terms. Information output of B2B platform, WeChat community maintenance, etc. All are online operations, it covers a wide range. Enterprises can make optimal choices based on industry supply and demand.

2. Plan the online facade of grinding wheel sales

An online platform is the face of a business on the Internet. The company and product information it displays is the first impression of customers when they place an order online. Planning is important. When the grinding wheel is sold, the information should be arranged according to customer needs. Put customer concerns first. For the specifications and dimensions of the grinding wheel, technology, advantages, uses and inspection reports. They are placed in a prominent position on the home page and details for easy selection by customers.

3. Live broadcast of sales

In the past, the fragrance of wine was not afraid of deep alleys. It is simply impossible for companies to expand their sales now. When the grinding wheel sales are live. Can show customers new products, introduce product specifications and details. Reply to customers’ doubts directly in the live broadcast room, and directly show the grinding wheel to customers. Live broadcasts allow people in the same city to quickly learn about companies. It is beneficial to the sales of grinding wheels, and it also allows customers to have more choices.
The above are the points raised about the live delivery of grinding wheel discs. Although the quality of industrial products is the first in the eyes of the public. But might as well change your thinking and let industrial products enter the public eye. Let more people come into contact with and understand the industrial product-grinding wheel.