As a necessary product in the industrial industry, cutting disc plays a very important role in the industry. The length of the service life of cutting wheel is a topic of concern to many industrial enterprises. So how long is the service life of cutting wheel? Cndome manufacturers answer for everyone. Come and see it together!

Choose the right cutting wheel

If you want to extend the service life of cutting disc, you must know the brand of cutting wheel at the beginning of the purchase.The production process, what kind of raw material to choose, how to rotate speed and how to cut power.After knowing all, you can simply judge whether cutting disk meets the needs of the enterprise.If the quality of cutting disk is up to standard, it can be used for a long time with a little protection during use.If you encounter quality problems during the operation, it will affect the efficiency of cutting workpieces in the factory, and even affect the production progress of the factory.

Correct installation steps of cutting wheel

During installation, many operators install in their own way. Sometimes, there are many detailed problems during the installation process, which causes cutting wheel to vibrate very much during the operation, sparks splash, and the temperature of cutting disk and the cutting workpiece is too high. , the long-term such operation will greatly reduce the service life of cutting disc. The correct installation steps of cutting disc will be clearly marked on the packaging, you can check the previous article on the correct installation of cutting disc.

How to store the cut pieces after opening

After unpacking cutting discs, many workers throw cutting discs everywhere. This will not only be polluted by acid and moisture in the air, but also affect the cutting effect of cutting disc during use. You can store them in the corresponding boxes, or place them neatly. You can’t place them casually. It’s very easy to bump them when you place them anywhere. If you continue to use them, there will be immeasurable consequences.
The above is the small coup that Cndome manufacturers share with you about the service life of cutting disc. Extending the life of cutting disk can improve work efficiency and cause unnecessary waste. If you want to know more about the small knowledge of cutting disc, please pay attention to the homepage of Cndome.