The use of cutting discs is very common in industrial production, construction and other industries. What should be paid attention to in the use of daily cutting discs? Today, let’s talk about several issues that need to be paid attention to in daily use of cutting discs.

When the cut is not sharp,cutting discs need to be trimmed and edged. If you continue to use it, overheating and overloading will occur and the cutting discs will be damaged. And it should be noted that cutting discs is strictly prohibited to be used for operations other than grooving or cutting to avoid abnormality due to uneven force.

During the rotation of the cutting disc, it is strictly forbidden to cut by hand, let alone touch the cutting disc with your hands and body. And if any abnormality is found during the cutting process, it should be stopped immediately. And it should be noted that when the cutting disc is marked with the rotation direction, it should be consistent with the rotation direction of the machine tool. On the contrary, the cut is not sharp, and it is difficult to exert the performance of the cutting disc.

If a cutting disc that does not match the workpiece to be used, abnormal wear, poor sharpness, and abnormal heat are likely to occur. In addition, it should be noted that when the flange is too small or the precision is poor, it is easy to damage the cutting disc, please use it after improvement.

Please check carefully before installing the cutting disc to confirm whether the cutting disc is deformed, cracked, chipped, etc.

After that, we will mainly introduce 5-inch cutting disc of CNDOME.

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First, judging from the front brand, this is our English label “CNDOME”, which is a T41 type cutting disc, outer diameter is 125mm, thickness is 1mm, and inner diameter of the ring is 22mm.Of course, we have different thicknesses for 5-inch cutting discs. In addition to 1mm, we also have 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm to choose from. Then we can see warnings on the left, it reminds us to use it correctly to avoid injury. On the right, It can be seen that we have obtained MPA, BSCI, CE and other certificates and passed the EN12413 standard. View from the back, it is a black double-net non-woven fabric, so the safety performance is guaranteed.

5inch cutting discscan be used to cut metal and stainless steel. We have threelevels to choose from. Ordinary can be cut 140 times, high quality can be cut 180 times, its performance is very good, long life.If you need better ones, we have super films available, which can be cut 200 times.

5-inch cutting discs are very popular in the world, including markets in Europe, Australia, Asia, etc., which are basically used in this size and are in great demand.It is also very popular on e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, Alibaba, Made in China, etc.

Then, if you need to test before buying, our company can provide you with samples for free. In addition, if you need to customize your own brand, we can also provide OEM or ODM for free. Of course, the packaging can also be customized. Both the inner box and the outer box can be customized. The inner box can be customized white paper box, color box, plastic drum or steel drum. The outer box is generally Kraft carton, of course, color boxes are also available. These are all good Choices. Our standard packing is white paper inner box and Kraft paper carton, 25 pieces per inner box, 400 pieces per carton.

Many people have an inherent idea when shopping that products with higher unit prices are of better quality, but this is not the case, because the tax part must be taken into account. Compared with domestic cutting discs, the price of imported cutting discs varies greatly because imported cutting discs need to go through multiple tests and certifications before they can be sold in China. Compared with the same performance of the cutting discs, the imported cutting disc is more expensive. So do you understand it? The following Damon cutting discs will share with you the basic requirements for the use of metal cutting discs:

cutting discs

Select the appropriate cutting discaccording to the design requirements of the equipment.

The equipment should be equipped with safety protection devices, such as: protective cover, power-off brake, overload protection, etc.

There are operators to install and use, and wear labor clothes, protective glasses, earmuffs, etc.

Operators should not wear gloves, long hair should be placed in a work cap, and pay attention to ties and cuffs to prevent danger.

Keep away from fire and humid environment.

The storage time is one year. If the time is exceeded, the rotation inspection should be carried out again. After confirming that it is qualified, it can be used. When using the cutting disc, the force should be applied slowly. If the force is too strong, it is easy to stop the rotation. The phenomenon of jamming and breaking the cutting disc. The cutting disc should be lifted immediately to avoid burning or jamming of the cutting disc;

The above is an introduction to the problems that should be paid attention to when using the cutting disc. I hope you will pay attention to these points.

So, if you are interested in our cutting discs, you can contact us at any time.

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