Many times, when encountering different cutting products, it is necessary to adjust the resin grinding wheel. Through different hardness, to achieve the standard of product segmentation. Of course, this is not so easy, so how to adjust the hardness? The following special-shaped grinding wheel will introduce two methods for you.
Resin grinding wheel repair. It is to refurbish the sand wheel to the specified specification and precision. The better way to repair is to use high toughness corundum sand wheels to repair. The strength grade is selected in L or M grade, and it can be ground with epoxy resin superhard mold.
Resin grinding wheel for sharpening. The epoxy resin fusion agent of the wear-resistant material layer of the sand wheel is repaired, so that the diamond or CBN wear-resistant material leaks out. There are several types of repair methods, but the basic principle is to use soft materials to repair.
The first is bare copper, the second is A3 steel, the third is 45# steel without quenching and tempering treatment, and the fourth is stainless steel plate (which is a more common method for Japanese companies). However, the actual effect is better to use molybdenum rods to repair, but the price of molybdenum rods is relatively expensive, and the repair cost is relatively high. According to their own requirements to carry out selection, it is proposed to use A3 steel, the price is low, the actual effect is very good.
The above is the sharing of “Resin Grinding Wheel Hardness Adjustment Method” for you. Hope it helps you. Some can also add some curing agents or other materials to achieve this effect. If it is not enough, you can also replace the grinding wheel to solve it.