Use ultra-thin cutting disc and choose a high-power cutting machine. Usually, a cutting machine with a cutting table power greater than 5.5KW and a speed of 2800 rpm is used.
Because of the large torque force during cutting, the damage to the ultra-thin cutting disc is also relatively large. Therefore, the ultra-thin cutting disc is required to have a certain rigidity. We usually choose ultra-thin cutting discs with a thickness of 3.8mm.
At the same time, due to the large cutting diameter, the resistance of the ultra-thin cutting disc will also increase. The cutting surface generates a high temperature, so it is very important to reduce the cutting temperature. If possible, add water to cool when cutting.
Experiments have shown that if water cooling is added during cutting, the durability of ultra-thin cutting discs can be improved by 1.5-2 times. But in some occasions there is no condition to add water for cooling.

How to identify the quality of ultra-thin cutting discs from their appearance?

Ultra-thin cutting discs are not like ordinary commodities, and it is easy to see whether they are good or bad in appearance. Saw blades belong to the tool category and are similar in appearance. If you are not a professional, it is difficult to see the pros and cons with the naked eye. However, as long as you master the know-how and observe carefully, you can still see the effect of the entire product through some tiny flaws.

Tell everyone how to select saw blades by details.

1. First, check whether the cutter heads on the ultra-thin cutting disc are on the same straight line.
If the cutter heads are not on the same line, the size of the cutter head is irregular. Some may be wide or some narrow, which will lead to unstable cutting when cutting stone and affect the quality of the saw blade.
2. Observe whether the welding seam and the matrix are tightly welded.
There will be a weld before the weld to the base after brazing. If the curved surface of the bottom of the cutter head is fully integrated with the base, there will be no gaps. A gap indicates that the cutter head on the ultra-thin cutting disc is not fully integrated with the substrate. Mainly because the curved surface at the bottom of the cutter head is unevenly polished.
3. Measure the weight of the ultra-thin cut sheet.
The heavier and thicker the ultra-thin cutting disc, the better. Because the saw blade is heavy, the greater the inertial force when cutting, the smoother the cutting. Generally speaking, the 350mm ultra-thin cutting piece should be about 2 kg. The 400mm ultra-thin cutting disc is about 3 kg.
4. Check the substrate hardness.
The higher the hardness of the matrix, the less easily deformed. So no matter when welding or cutting. Whether the hardness of the substrate meets the standard directly affects the quality of the saw blade. High temperature welding does not deform, and it does not deform under force majeure conditions, all of which are a good substrate. After processing into a saw blade, it is a good saw blade.

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