The grinding wheel is a fixed grinding tool. Made of abrasive (grinding material) and binder. Has a certain shape and grinding ability. Therefore, the finished products of bonded abrasives include cutting disc, grinding discs, shank grinding heads, grinding wheels and other products. Here, we mainly explain the manufacturing process, characteristics and safe use specifications of fiber resin cutting discs and grinding discs.

1. Composition of cutting parts

Cutting discs are porous bodies made by bonding abrasives with a binder and pressing, drying and baking. Due to differences in abrasives, binders and manufacturing processes. High-quality cut parts must be carefully considered during material selection, processing and manufacturing. The characteristics of cutting parts are mainly determined by factors such as abrasive, particle size, binder, hardness, structure, shape and size. Among them, alumina is the most commonly used abrasive. In reality, only abrasives are involved in cutting and polishing!

2. Specifications of cutting parts

The general rules for cutting and grinding blades are not much different. Because of their different application modes. The grinding blade is relatively thick, which makes it more durable under grinding operating conditions. However, cutting blades are used for longitudinal cuts and cannot be used as grinding blades. Unless the grinding blade is designed to have the dual function of cutting and grinding. Otherwise, any behavior that does not conform to the design of the product itself is dangerous.

3. Characteristics of cutting parts

Resin cutting disc has good elasticity and polishing function. Good self-sharpening and high cutting efficiency. Low cutting temperature and high surface finish. The manufacturing process is more durable, so its application range is very wide.

4. Safety standards for correct use of cutting blades

Cutting blades require a power tool. Therefore, it is necessary to select a suitable power tool according to the diameter and maximum speed of the grinding wheel blade. The rotating speed of the power tool cannot exceed the maximum speed indicated by the grinding wheel blade itself, otherwise it will cause danger.
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