One piece of grinding disc, its color is very clean and no noise, like a work of art, have good-looking and smooth surface.

Abrasives are the most important components of grinding wheel pieces, the color and quality of abrasives determine the quality of grinding wheel pieces. The most commonly used abrasives are brown corundum (A) and white corundum (WA), followed by black silicon carbide (C) and green silicon carbide (GC), with some accessories.

So as the best grinding disc manufacturer in China, today let us see we how to choose abrasives. We test the quality of the abrasive in three ways: build-up density, granularity, and toughness.

First look at the accumulation density of abrasives, we tested them according to <GBIT 20316.1-2009 Determination of the accumulation density of ordinary abrasives> : take 250ml of samples and place them in a beaker, and place the samples in a leak of the accumulation density determination device In the bucket, quickly lift the bezel, the sample fell into the small tank below, with a scraper to 45 degrees of disposable scraping flat, said the sample quality in the small tank, calculated the accumulation density, the sample (from Dome Abrasive) accumulation density of 1.87g/cm3, The small gap between the particles and the particles is conducive to better binding to make grinding wheel pieces.

Then the test is the particle size of the abrasive, according to the <GBIT2481.1-1998 solid abrasive particle size composition of the test and marking>, take a sample of 100g, select a set of screens corresponding to the sample (e.g. 36 samples, corresponding to the screen is NO.20, NO30, NO.35, NO.40, NO.45 screen) will be placed on the sieve machine, sieve 5 minutes to claim the quality of each layer, sample 1: the most coarse grain 0, coarse grain 17, basic grain 52, mixed grain 78, fine grain 2, to meet the standard requirements. The grinding wheels made by standard particles are evenly distributed, making the product more balanced and stable.

Next is the toughness test of the abrasive, according to the <GBIT23538-2009-2009 ordinary abrasive ball wear toughness measurement method> test, take the sample 250g, the corresponding screen selected above, placed on a sieve machine, sieve 1 0 minutes, take the third basic grain, again sieve 10 minutes, take the third layer of basic grain called 100g as sample two (less than 100g re-collected) the sample into the ball grinding toughness device, while the ball into the starting device, to be stopped after taking out the sample, If not reached 99g then start again, the sample two into the screen, 5 minutes after the removal of the third layer of basic grain weighing, calculated ball wear toughness value, for example, the sample recovered after the basic material 50.16g, calculated ball wear toughness value of 51.16%, good product, ball wear toughness value reflects the results of the particle wear resistance, ball wear toughness value is higher than wear resistance.

The most representative 4.5-inch cutting disc from Dome Abrasive is the best representation of high-quality abrasives, with sharp performance at the same time, but also very wear-resistant, high cutting efficiency, and cutting number is also more, suitable for most countries angle grinders. It is 115x1x22.2mm (4 1/2′ x1/25′ x7/8”’ and can be customized to your market needs, 1mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm. We have the European authority of MPA product certification, product quality is guaranteed. Of course, we also provide customized services, according to the needs of custom layout, packaging, price and so on. Before you do this, you can ask us for samples to test performance.

If you are interested in this type of cutting disc, you can click on the contact information of our website, we will send you our product book, and give you a better way of packaging and transportation, to give you and your customers the best cutting experience.