Abrasive disc can be divided into two types: grinding wheel and cutting disc. What is the difference between these two types? At first, the grinding wheel and the cutting disc were all used on the angle grinder, but because of the different performance testing schemes in the work, they were divided into grinding discs and cutting discs. These two types of abrasive discs can be classified differently from two levels.
First, the main uses are different. Grinding wheel are used for grinding and polishing. For example, the burr on the surface of the product work piece must be polished, and the welding scar on the surface of the product work piece must be polished and polished. At this time, the grinding wheel is used to grind off the burr and the welding scar; and the cutting disc is used for cutting. For example, you can cut a 2-meter-long bad steel into 2 sections, then you need to use a cutting disc.

Second, the thickness is different. The grinding wheel is thick, and the cutting disc of the abrasive disc is thin. The cutting disc with a diameter of 100 is about 1mm thick, while the grinding disc with a diameter of 100 is more than 6 mm thick. The cutting sheet of the abrasive disc is thin, so that the raw material can be consumed at least, and the cutting pressure is also small. If you use it to grind it, the side can bear the force, and the thickness of the grinding plate will be ruined at once, so that it can bear a large longitudinal force. When you use it to cut, it will not move.
Special type for stainless steel plate
In addition, special-purpose grinding wheel cutting discs should be used for cutting stainless steel plates.
Since these materials of stainless steel plate are relatively soft, and many abrasive disc on the market have different strengths, resulting in different actual effects after cutting, it is best to select cutting disc for cutting stainless steel plates. In that case, there is no burr after cutting. Save raw materials.
Many friends are very curious about the production process of resin abrasive disc. In fact, for manufacturers, we are very familiar with the process of producing resin abrasive disc , and some friends who are still ignorant like some new factories are not be very clear. Today, we Changzhou Dome Abrasive manufacture summarize the production process of resin abrasive disc and more attention must be paid when they leave the factory. Let’s take a look below.
Resin abrasive disc is a kind of abrasive disc, which is the most important special hardware tool in the grinding process, used for grinding and polishing products. Grinding wheel come in many different materials. resin abrasive disc have high toughness and certain ductility, and are widely used in aluminum doors and windows processing, engineering construction, ships, machining, auto repair, electronic medical, metallurgical industry, carpentry and other industries. resin abrasive disc is made of resin, such as phenolic resin, epoxy resin, polyurethane, polyvinyl alcohol, etc. The resin abrasive disc has high strength and can be added with reinforcing fiber glass mesh , such as cutting and grinding discs. Most of our resin abrasive disc are waterproof and cannot be ground with abrasive fluids. Of course, there are also some resin abrasive disc that need to be ground with grinding fluid, such as epoxy resin and resin grindingh wheel . Resin discs are used for cutting work pieces, double-sided surfaces, heavy duty discs, polishing wheels, etc. The strength of resin bond grinding wheel is lower than that of metal bond and vitrified bond.The production of resin abrasive disc is also very special. The main purpose of stirring and resin abrasive disc is to mix resin, filler, additives and gold steel evenly. The forming glue should meet the following requirements: the components are evenly distributed, adhere to the surface of the wear-resistant material, and remain loose. However, there should be no significant powder leakage, and it is necessary to ensure that the pavement is symmetrical and the forming characteristics are good. In order to completely absorb the resin on the surface of the wear-resistant material, the material must be mixed totaly .
During the wake-up process, pay attention to maintaining the temperature at 20-30°C, the humidity at 40-50°C, and the wake-up time for more than 12 hours to ensure the wake-up and forming stability of the abrasive disc . The grinding wheel hard bottoming process is the main production process, and there are two factors that can easily cause quality problems. First, the temperature difference between the curing furnace and the kiln is too large; second, the feeding method is unreasonable. The semi-finished product is soft, and it is dried and solidified by the chemical change of the resin heated at high temperature. Different devices have different hardening temperatures . The higher the resin composition, the higher the hardening temperature.
The common processes for producing such resin abrasive disc are mainly the following three:
1. Cold pressing process: Wetting agents and powdery resins are used as binders. Liquid phenolic resins, furfural, furfuryl alcohol, cresol, etc. are usually used as wetting agents. Liquid phenolic resins are the most used.
2. Semi-hot pressing process: The pressing temperature is generally 50-65 °C. At this pressing temperature, the viscosity of the liquid resin becomes smaller, and the powdery resin can be well integrated to improve the fluidity of the entire resin system. It is easier to fully penetrate each space, even if the pressure of the press is not too high, it can be well formed, and the pressure holding time does not need to be too long, especially suitable for continuous automatic pressing production lines.
3. Hot pressing process: The mixing requirements are different from the cold pressing process. Generally, dry mixing method is used, or furfural less than 1% of the weight of the abrasive is used as a wetting agent to wet the abrasive, and then mixed with the powder resin totaly .
The production process of resin abrasive disc can not exceed 100% completion rate. After the firing is completed, human inspection is carried out to pick out defective grinding wheel products, and sell excellent resin abrasive disc from the factory.
Resin abrasive disc has high strength, certain elasticity, and good self-sharpening. These remarkable advantages are derived from the selection of production materials. There are three important materials in the production of abrasive disc, which are important factors that determine product quality. So let let us introduce the three important factors to you ?
1. Liquid phenolic resin. The fluctuation range of the solid content, viscosity, gel time and water solubility of liquid phenolic resin has different degrees of influence.
2. The stability of mesh technical indicators. With the continuous improvement of the performance of the resin abrasive disc, the role of the mesh in the resin abrasive disc is very important. Mainly manifested in: fluctuation of abrasive disc strength, deformation of slices, delamination of abrasive disc, etc. The glue content of the mesh has an impact on the strength, viscosity and cutting performance of the resin abrasive disc .
3. Powder phenolic resin. The process of powder phenolic resin is an important performance index that affects the structure of the binder. The particle size affects the amount of wetting agent, and the content of volatile matter is also very important. In the actual abrasive disc production process, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the performance of each batch of powder resin, so as to ensure the quality of the abrasive disc.
The manufacture of resin abrasive disc is an industrial product with strong craftsmanship, and there are many problems in the processes of mixing, molding, hardening, and processing. There are about five steps in the process. Below we will introduce the standard production process of resin abrasive disc in detail:
1). Mixing process: The key to mixing is uniformity. The molding material should achieve: the components are evenly distributed and loose, but there should be no obvious powder leakage. It must be ensured that the material is evenly spread and has good molding performance.
2). Forming process: At present, most of the domestic rotary feeding mechanisms are used. However, due to the limitations of the rotary feeding mechanism, the employees of some large manufacturing enterprises are unable to operate the essentials, the mixture is unevenly distributed, the line tolerance and static Out of balance.
3). Hardening process: This is the most critical production process. There are two factors that are likely to cause quality problems. One is that the temperature difference between the curing oven or the firing kiln is too large; the other is the improper way of loading the furnace. The temperature difference of the hardening furnace and kiln is too large, which causes the hardening of the resin abrasive disc to deviate from the set hardening specification (hardening curve), so that the curing (hardening) quality of the grinding wheel cannot be fully guaranteed.
4). Processing procedures (mainly large diameter and high thickness resin abrasive disc): resin abrasive disc, especially large diameter and high thickness abrasive disc , or abrasive disc with strict dimensional tolerances, should be processed after hardening to ensure the geometric size and shape tolerance of the abrasive disc.
The production formula and process parameters are rigidly copied.
There are two main scopes that need to be customized for grinding wheels,
First, the customization of the layout, the information on the layout is the most direct appearance display of a abrasive disc , it contains the information: trademark /specification model/ specific parameters and usage/layout/safety requirements and warnings and barcode , etc. Of course, we can design for free logo and layout;
The second is the customization of packaging, including inner packaging and outer packaging. The forms and materials of inner packaging are very diverse, including carton/iron box/plastic drum , etc. The size and appearance can be freely customized ; the outer carton is generally made of kraft paper and color. The box can be customized according to the size of the actual product . Of course, we also provide free design services.
In the process of purchasing resin abrasive disc, many customers do not pay attention to the demand for color, and do not distinguish the use of color. Due to the single color of resin abrasive disc, different colors also have corresponding ranges of use during operation.
1. Color and process flow of resin abrasive disc
Among many manufacturers, it is found that there are four main types of resin abrasive disc colors. This is because of different production processes, and the commonly used colors of resin abrasive disc are black, green, yellow, and red. However, on the whole, the color of black and green resin abrasive disc accounts for more.
Because on the whole, black looks calm. Moreover, the black resin abrasive disc still has a great advantage in the market. The steel and foundry industries choose black resin abrasive disc too much. Regardless of the process, the color can be customized within the specified range.
2. The relationship between resin abrasive disc color and material
The material used in the resin abrasive disc will also limit its color. The purer the color of the abrasive disc produced by the pure new material, such as the green, yellow, red unpopular color grinding wheel, and these colors can only use pure new raw materials. In essence, the color of the resin abrasive disc produced by the returned material and recycled material will be darker, and the produced grinding wheel not only does not look good in color, but also the quality is fluctuating.
3. The relationship between the color and use of resin abrasive disc
It must be said that the color of the resin abrasive disc has a great relationship with the use. Because the temperature of burning paper is different, its own performance is also different. Due to the high temperature of burning paper, the black resin abrasive disc also belongs to the range of durability during operation. The green resin abrasive disc is generally used in the stainless steel industry because of its low firing temperature, and it belongs to the range of bias during operation.
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