The abrasives disc is a porous body made by adding bonding agent to the abrasives , and after compacting, drying and roasting . It rotates at high speed during operation , and can be used for the outer circle , inner circle , plane and various shapes of metal or non-metal workpiece . Perform rough grinding , semi-finish grinding and fine grinding , as well as grooving and cutting operations .

Due to the different abrasives , bonding agents and manufacturing processes , the characteristics of the abrasives discs are also very different , which has an important impact on the grinding and processing quality , productivity and economy , a good quality abrasives disc must be considered in its material selection , processing and manufacturing processes . The characteristics of abrasives discs are mainly determined by factors such as abrasive , grift , bonding agent , hardness , shape and dimension . Among them , aluminum oxide is often used as abrasive , and only the abrasives part is actually consumed in cutting and grinding operation .

As a professional manufacturer , CNDOME Abrasives will analyze which specifications of the abrasives disc are good from the following points ?  And how to operate safely and efficiently ? I hope everyone can have more clearly understanding of the Abrasives discs in the following content .

One: Good uniform appearance and no cracks are the basic appearance of high-quality angle grinder cutting disc specifications;

Two: Sophisticated packaging and printed anti-counterfeiting barcodes are the difference between genuine factory products and counterfeit goods;

Three: The lower the static balance value of any abrasives discs , the better , of course , the more difficult it is to produce;

Four: The general rule of cutting and polishing is that the amount of iron removal is less and the wear is low , which means that the product is too hard ; the amount of iron removal and the amount of wear are too bad because the material is too poor ; the high-quality is the least possible wear and the largest amount of iron removal , At the same time, it feels good to use during operation;

Five: For carbon steel , alloy steel , cast steel , stainless steel , copper-aluminum , glass and stone , because of their different organization density and heating conditions , it is decided to choose a different abrasives disc;

Six: The selection of the abrasives discs should be based on the material being ground as the main reference standard . In addition to the good sharpness and hardness conditions , the ideal abrasives disc will automatically fall off from the bonding agent after the abrasive particles are passivated . The good sharpness of the abrasives disc at any time is also an important criterion to ensure safe and efficient operation .

The above points are the selection of abrasives discs models shared by CNDOME and how to operate correctly and safely . Although it is simple and easy to operate , it is not a small matter to be safe. You must carefully read the operating conditions of the book during use to avoid mistakes.

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