The cutting disc is made of glass fiber and epoxy resin to improve the fusion material. It has high tensile strength, impact resistance and tensile strength. It is widely used in the production of general steel, stainless steel, metal and non-metallic materials. The advanced processing technology ensures high-efficiency laser cutting of workpieces with different materials and good social and economic practical effects.
Observe the outer packaging box of the stone cutting machine. The outer packaging should be clearly designed and not damaged. Open the packaging box to observe the appearance of the stone cutting machine. Or bumping and bumping marks, installation displacement between casing parts, aluminum alloy die-casting paint is smooth and beautiful, no damage, and the overall surface should be free of oil stains and dirt.
Grasp the stone cutting machine with a good hand, connect to the switching power supply, and frequently operate the switch, so that the tool is often started, and observe whether the conduction effect of the stone cutting machine switch is reliable.
At the same time, observe whether the TV and daylight lamps on the spot are abnormal. Easy to determine if the tool is equipped with a radio interference suppressor.
Check the factory nameplate and operating instructions of the stone cutting machine. The main parameters of the factory nameplate should be consistent with those on the 3C qualification certificate.
According to the needs of the user, first distinguish between home use or professional use, because most of the pneumatic tools are made for some unique tools, so before purchasing, you should distinguish them from ordinary home use. Usually their difference is in output power.
The stone cutting machine is plugged in and operated for one minute. When it is running, grasp it with the right hand. There should be no abnormal shaking in the hand. Observe the commutation spark. The commutation spark should not exceed level 3/2. Looking inside, there should be no significant arcing on the surface of the motor commutator. There should be no abnormal noise when operating the cutting disc.

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