With the increasing number of machinery industry, more machinery products need to be processed. Usually, each product processing needs to be formed by cutting a sheet, then subsequent grinding and polishing, and a series of processes to become a mature product. It is undeniable that the quality of cutting disc products on the market is uneven: “cutting discs are not durable”, “cutting discs are very low cutting efficiency”, “cutting discs have safety accidents” and so on. CNDOME grinding wheel cutting discs have overcome each problem and provided solutions in the process of deeply understanding that future competition will require continuous effort and innovation. If there is no strong technological innovation and intellectual property rights, it will be no different from “cottage”, or will be gradually rejected by consumption and the market. After more than 20 years of hard work, the company has accumulated a lot of technology and valuable experience. Today, the manufacturer will share with you the product precautions and the principle of selecting cutting discs. First of all, good uniformity and no cracks are the basic appearance of high-quality grinding wheels. Secondly, the fine packaging and printing anti-counterfeiting barcode is the difference between the original product and the counterfeit product. Finally, how to choose safe, efficient and wear-resistant cutting products! The following CNDOME grinding wheel cutting experts will introduce you to several priority factors in the selection process:


  1. When grinding high tensile strength materials, select abrasives with higher toughness.
  2. Brittle abrasives should be used for materials with low grinding hardness and high elongation.
  3. When grinding high-hardness materials, choose abrasives with higher hardness.
  4. Choose abrasives that chemically react with materials that are not easy to process.
  5. When the hardness of the processed material is high or the cutting area of ​​the material is large, a sharp grinding wheel with a looser structure should be selected, so as to effectively improve the processing efficiency.
  6. When the hardness of the processed material is low or the cutting area of ​​the material is small, a durable grinding wheel with a tighter structure should be selected, so as to effectively improve the service life of the grinding wheel
  7. When the electric or pneumatic tools used are used for a long time, with large wear or insufficient power, you should choose a sharp grinding wheel with a looser structure to avoid processing difficulties such as incapable or incapable of grinding.
  8. When the power of the electric or pneumatic tools used is large, a grinding wheel with sufficient strength should be selected. Under no circumstances is it allowed to exceed the maximum safe speed of the grinding wheel.
  9. Under special processing conditions, you can find elephant abrasives manufacturers for customized processing and production.

In addition, what is the reason for the sudden rupture of the cutting disc? We all know that in the process of manufacturing and using cutting discs, we often find that the cutting discs are broken, how to avoid it? Then pay attention to the following issues:

  1. Before installing the fan, check whether the resin grinding wheel is cracked, and whether there is an abnormal mute sound when hitting the grinding wheel with a wooden hammer. If it is, the cooling fan cannot be used for cutting to avoid damage or injury caused by the rupture of the grinding wheel.
  2. The resin grinding wheel used every other day or every other day should be idling for more than one minute before use. If everything is normal, it can be used in accordance with the relevant safety regulations for grinding machinery.
  3. Since the resin grinding wheel is fragile and brittle, please don’t let it hit, collide or fall alone. When storing, it should be free from freezing, moisture, ventilated and cool indoors, placed neatly, stacked neatly, pay attention to dust, and keep unused grinding wheels clean and free from heavy pressure.
  4. When installing the resin grinding wheel, you must find the center of the resin grinding wheel and tighten the flange at the same time. After installing the flange, check whether the outer ring of the grinding wheel is concentric with the spindle. At least one side of the resin grinding wheel is perpendicular to the center line of the spindle.
  5. After installing the resin grinding wheel, for safety reasons, do not install unqualified protective covers. Then start the machine.

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