Pls check this question, I actually want to know the answer, because everyone uses the cutting disc differently . We know that there is a ring from the center of the cutting disc , and there is no one on the other. The worker puts the metal piece in it when using . I don’t know why, it feels safer than the other method, but it is nonsense. It may be due to psychological factors that I think it is right, and I can’t give a reason, but in my daily life, at least half of the people (not dare to say all) have metal sheets facing inward. As for the reason, the metal sheet below is equivalent to a cushion. Sheet, and then tighten the gasket. And in use, sometimes it breaks and won’t fly randomly.

As for the metal facing outwards, it has never been tested, not even once. It’s like when others used it when I was just learning, I used it the same way, thinking that the metal piece is facing inward, so that the installation is correct. Later, I discovered that the installation methods of friends across the country are different, and now I am a little confused about this problem, if I can make the proportion of individual groups, it would be great.

But no matter what, you must add a protective cover to ensure safety after the work piece is finished. In the past, it was basically not installed when young, and then somehow did not dare to use it. The longer it is, the more afraid of death.    Only provide some reference for the questioner and friends, I hope everyone will give an accurate reply and answer.

The metal side faces outward, why? Because the cutting disc will not be scratched when the fixing nut is tightened, if it is reversed, when the nut is tightened, the rotation of the nut will scratch the cutting disc , so that the cutting disc will break and fly out during use. Warning!

Theoretically speaking, the side with the iron ring should be rushed up, and the back side already has a bumper. Do you think, after installing the cutting disc , it is necessary to fasten the nut bumper, during which there is a process of tightening and compacting to prevent deformation such as cracks due to excessive friction. This kind of chip is too big and the common people say that it is not forbidden, which means it has a short service life. This kind of chip has good flexibility but the deviation of the work piece is large. That is, the hair swing is usually said to bend . Look at some bowl-shaped grinding discs with iron rings upward.

Someone asked, why are some cutting discs without iron rings? The high-density material used in the production of this kind of film can completely ensure that there is no sanding during high-speed rotation. It does not play a ring, that is to say, the hole in the middle is always round and not elliptical. It has a strong friction force, which is relatively better than that with iron rings. That kind of durable.

In short, don’t use too much force with the cutting disc to prevent the chip from breaking due to excessive force during high-speed rotation. At the same time, the angle of the angle grinder should maintain a 45-degree safety angle with the work piece to prevent the carriage return phenomenon from hurting yourself.

I think that when the angle grinder cutting disc is installed, the side with the iron sheet in the center should be installed facing outwards theoretically. The reason is that the retaining ring inside the fixed cutting disc is fixed, and then the iron sheet of the cutting sheet is installed outwards. On the convex circle of the inner retaining ring, tighten the outer retaining ring with a pattern, and it is ready to use. The advantage of this is that the iron piece in the center circle of the cutting disc is in contact with the outer retaining ring with the pattern, so that when you tighten the outer retaining ring, you can tightly fit the seam. Due to the protection of the iron piece, the cutting disc It is not easy to be injured, and the safety is the highest. Another advantage of this is that when you change the cutting disc, because the center iron piece faces outwards, it saves energy when you screw down the outer retaining ring. I think this is the right way to do it. If, on the contrary, you install the cutting piece with the iron piece facing inward, then when you tighten the outer retaining ring, the outer retaining ring is in contact with the sand surface of the cutting piece. Due to too much friction, it is impossible to tighten it too well. The file cabinet editor analyzes this It will cause insufficient pressure of the outer retaining ring on the cutting disc, which is prone to accidents. In addition, due to the large friction between the cutting disc and the outer retaining ring, it is easy to damage the cutting disc while tightening. When running at high speed, the fragments of the cutting piece will be thrown out, which will cause greater harm to people.

Therefore, I think that when the angle grinder is installed with the cutting disc, the iron blade is still installed correctly.

1. Follow the direction with the direction of rotation

2. If there is no specific requirement, there are metal products in the inner diameter of the slice, and the metal surface is in contact with the lower flange, and then follow the upper flange.

The metal piece is said to be facing outwards (that is, the picture is facing upwards). However, it is not recommended to buy for household use, because it is more dangerous: ①Do not wear the machine, the impact is relatively large, it is easy to drop hands and hurt the body at home or the risk of electric shock.

②Turn on and polish, if the piece of metal breaks and flies out, it is life-threatening. Even if you wear helmets and gloves, the exposed body parts cannot guarantee safety.

Therefore, it is still professional to wear safety protection to operate.

Tell you a secret that everyone doesn’t know. In fact, the decoration manufacturer designed the cutting piece, which is to face the side with the logo outward (that is, toward the person). As for why? Answer: Because of the advertisement, if you can’t see the trademark on the other hand, the cutting will not be so ideal, but most people don’t feel the difference.

The cutting disc is correctly installed and released, and the side with the iron piece is made into the inside.

It should be facing outwards. Otherwise, when tightening the fixed lock nut, the position of the hole in the film may sometimes be crushed, which is not visible at the time. It is used because the middle position is pressed and the force is applied during work. The block and the cutting disc may come out.

The angle grinder has the metal piece facing outwards. That little piece of metal can’t provide much protection, but it is very easy to install the angle-removing grinding plate outwards, which is my personal feeling.

This question must first understand the role of the metal sheet. The main function of the metal sheet is its inner wall, which is to prevent the sand sheet from slipping and crushing and causing harm to the human body. As for the metal sheet inward and outward, it doesn’t matter.

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