How to install the cutting disc? Today, Dome’s technicians come to give the correct installation method. The operation seems simple, but it needs to be handled carefully. Incidents often occur that cause operator injuries due to incorrect installation.

  1. Understand the basics

Familiar with the operating knowledge of the cutting machine and the scene applications. The classification of the cutting machine and the maximum cutting power. Pay attention to the cutting speed and using time during use, and perform regular maintenance and repair. The price of the cutting machine on the market is transparent, from high to low, and the suitable cutting machine should be selected according to the company’s own situation.

  1. Check the cutting disc

Check the cutting disc carefully, and observe whether there are cracks on the surface of the cutting disc, or the cutting disc is too soft. If one of the phenomena occurs, it must be replaced in time to avoid dangerous accidents during the cutting process.

  1. Pinpoint location

Find the position of the cutting machine axis. The protruding part of the bearing box in the middle is the shaft locking device. Press the cylinder, turn the shaft with the other hand, and turn it counterclockwise. The best way is to swing the shaft left and right. After the cylinder pressed at the same time meets the small hole on the shaft, the cylinder pin enters the hole. The shaft cannot rotate.

The shaft hole size of the grinding wheel, flange, backrest pad or any other accessories must be suitable for installation on the spindle of the power tool. Accessories with shaft holes that are not compatible with the power tool mounting parts will lose stability, excessive vibration and cause loss of control.

  1. Insert the cutting disc

While holding down the cylinder, use an adjustable wrench with the other hand to loosen and remove the fastening bolts of the cutting piece. Take off the cutting sheet protection disc and paper pad in sequence to prevent damaged cutting sheets. Don’t take out the protective disc inside, put the new cut sheet in, then install the paper pad and the protective disc in turn, and tighten them.

  1. Running cutting disc

Wear protective equipment. Use face shields, safety goggles or safety glasses as applicable. When applicable, wear dust masks, hearing protectors, gloves and engineering aprons that can block small abrasives or workpiece fragments. The eye protection must block flying debris generated by various operations. The dust mask or mask must be able to filter the particles generated by the operation. Long-term exposure to high-intensity noise can cause hearing loss.

When you start cutting, you can’t cut directly. You have to wait for the cutting machine to run for about 1-2 minutes. This is to ensure that no dangerous accidents occur when cutting.

Does it feel simple after reading these five steps? However, every step from the inspection to the beginning of the test needs to be treated carefully, so as to ensure safety during the operation. Safety is no small matter. I hope everyone learns the correct installation method of cutting discs and is responsible for themselves, their families, and the company.

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