Rail cutting discs are generally used in the production and processing of ordinary stainless steel plates, stainless steel plates, metal materials and non-metal materials. To judge the quality of rail cutting discs, you can start from the following points.
1. Whether it shakes hands.
When the rail cutting disc runs at high speed, the vibration is serious when holding the handle, the cutting efficiency is reduced, and waste is caused. The rail cutting sheet manufacturer said that this is caused by the unbalanced cutting discs.
2. Bridge flute, that is to say, film.
When the rail cutting parts run at high speed, the motion trajectory cannot be parallel lines. The direct adverse effect is that the raw material after cutting has inclined stubble, which cannot exceed the production and processing regulations.
3. Cracking and breaking.
When running at high speed, due to reasons such as poor quality of steel wire mesh, too little or expired flux, too low temperature of industrial kiln, etc., cracks will occur in the cut parts of the rail. When it’s severe, it can lead to crushing.

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